Key Austrian export on songwriting inspirations...

Mavi Phoenix can do anything.

A rapper, songwriter, and producer, the alt-pop auteur has swept across the music landscape, weaving an intoxicating web of cross-genre pollination.

After a flurry of releases Mavi Phoenix is now ready to release his debut album, with 'Boys Toys' again finding the key Austrian export working alongside production talent Alex The Flipper.

Working at home, in Los Angeles, and Berlin, the vocalist has somehow found a way to pull all this together into one potent document.

Out now, 'Boys Toys' is a truly remarkable pop release. Clash caught up with Mavi Phoenix to chat Influences...

- - -

Rage Against The Machine - 'Killing In The Name'

I've loved this song ever since I can remember. When I first heard it I think I was just so shocked that music like that exists. And made me go crazy. In a good way.

I took this song to my guitar teacher and then it became the first full song that I could play on the E-guitar.

- - -

N*E*R*D - 'Maybe'

This band really shaped my music-making essentially. The 'Fly Or Die' album as a whole really was the soundtrack to my childhood, puberty, first crushes and all. It combined rap and rock and that was all I really was into.

I wanted to make music just like them.

- - -

Tyler The Creator - 'Yonkers'

Tyler is such an important artist for me, I'd even call him an idol for sure.

When I first heard this song It really did something to me cause I never heard someone be this raw in a track like it was almost uncomfortable to listen to. He inspired me so much because he produced shit on his own and was so unapologetically honest. I love him.

- - -

Justin Timberlake - 'Rock Your Body'

Just to have my pop side covered too. I love this song, I love Justin Timberlake. I like sexy jiggy songs that are fun and make you dance.

- - -

Nelly Furtado - 'Promiscuous'

Nelly's album 'Loose' was one of the first CD's I ever owned. I love this album and it brings back so many memories.

This song in particular I love because of the R&B side to it.

- - -

'Boys Toys' is out now.

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