Influences: Klangstof

Dutch experimental pop on climbing 'Everest'...

At first, Dutch group Klangstof wanted to create “synthesizer heaven” – very quickly, though, they realised that they couldn't quite reach the Pearl Gates.

The journey, though, the attempt is what matters, with leader Koen Van De Wardt gathering the band's material and pointing them in a fresh direction.

New EP 'Everest' is the result. Out now, it's a series of fascinating diversions, an EP laced with oddball pop moments that refuse to budge from your subconscious.

Clash caught up with Klangstof to find out a little more on those all-important Influences…

– – –

TV On The Radio – 'DLZ'

I remember covering ‘Wolf Like Me’ when I just started to play music. I must have been 16 years old or something. What I love about DLZ, is just how amazing that groove is. It is so haunting and chill at the same time. That’s definitely something we were also trying to do while writing our new EP.

– – –

Kaytranada – 'GLOWED UP'

This is always my go to “Is the kick loud enough”-song. It’s crazy how compressed and saturated that whole song sounds. Every time you hear a kick, the whole production is just gone. You need to have pretty big balls to produce like that. One day, I’ll get there too!

– – –

Jai Paul – 'Jasmine'

Just like the Kaytranada track was my “is the kick loud enough”-song, this one is my “is the production weird enough”-song. This is by a clear mile the weirdest sounding, coolest song ever. The bassline and toms are killing your ears. BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER, CUZ IT’S COOL.

– – –

Mount Kimbie – 'Four Years And One Day'

Kraut is back. And I’m so happy about that. I think this song showcases the future Klangstof sound. A lot of the new demos we are working on at the moment have the same vibe as this track. Repetitive drums, dubbed with a 606, snappy guitar hooks and crazy synth pads. What I love most about this track is when the bass kicks in at the 2:05 mark. Ah, great stuff!

– – –

Phoenix – 'Fences'

I remember when we started mixing the EP back home. We were talking about what kind of reference track we should follow. That was the moment where I fired up this song. Definitely in my Top Five best songs ever.

– – –

'Everest' EP is out now.

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