Influences: JADA

Exploring the musical roots of this vivid talent...

Jada is a project that reaches down into Emilie Molsted's soul.

The Danish artist can't envisage life without music; it's something that informs her, and provides an outlet for emotions she can scarcely express.

Jada's debut album 'I Cry A Lot' is out now, a fascinating piece of alt-pop that matches pristine melodies against some left field aesthetics.

A boundlessly expressive personality, Jada sat down with Clash to explore her Influences…

– – –

Ericka de Casier – 'Little Bit'

I have listened to Ericka de Cassier since she was a part of Saint Cava, and she has a way of singing that makes the time stop, it's like a mark in time and I can always remember where I was when I heard her songs for the first time.

The first time I heard this song was when I was out on a drive on a summer night and it came on the radio. It nailed me to the seat. The beat and melody demanded my attention in a way I adored.

I feel like even though she is singing so smooth and soft, there is a dimension of danger in her voice and in the production. Everything has not fallen into place, and I love that feeling.

It makes my stomach flip and makes me catch my breath.

– – –

Sade – 'Cherish The Day' (Live)

This song is me in my room at 15 years. I was really struggling with accepting myself and felt so confused about the term of "becoming yourself" because I felt like I was all over the place. But sometimes I would really enjoy my own company and this song really helped that feeling along.

I recently discovered this live record and the whole thing is amazing of course, but when I was making my own record I turned to this song so many times because Sade's voice contains such a presence, it is so alive. And I wanted so much to have this alive-ness, this feeling of importance in my record.

In particular when I was recording vocals, I turned to this as an example of the right energy – I had to sing every node like Sade did, like it was a matter of life and death.

It reminds me of something the Danish actress Iben Nagel Rasmussen told me over and over: never ever let the energy drop. The energy can change, it can take many forms, but always, ALWAYS lift the energy up, keep the flow of energy up. NEVER lose it.

– – –

Cashmere Cat ft. Ariana Grande – 'Quit'

This song is so damn beautiful. The business of the melody against the damped piano is so lyrical and tells the story so well. To me it represents the fight between two feelings: the feeling of wanting to slow down and think again before you go head over heals into a relationship and the desire to get there as fast as you can – a kind of restlessness. It really moves me.

And then there is the drama. I love drama in music. Listening to this song hits me so hard because the feeling is so relatable: "I can't quit from you and I know that I'm gonna regret it".

When I was making my own record I played this song over and over again in the studio, talking to my team about how we had to make every song as relatable as that.

– – –

Charli XCX ft. Kim Petras & Jay Park – 'Unlock It'

This is my party vibe. I don't know how to party if it's too happy, I need an element of melancholia and escapism. I need a sense of danger and heart-ache. And this song has everything I need to let go and feel myself in the moment and get drunk and dance until I drop.

I live a very peaceful life in a harmonic relationship full of love and respect, so it's not like I feel like i have something to escape from or a lot of present melancholia to dive into, but I think it reminds me of being 19 and out all night with a hurting heart.

– – –

Yangze – 'u&me'

This song just blows my mind. This is what truth sounds like. And courage! It first came out two years ago when I was just starting to write my album.

And it just reminded my to make the music that I felt running in my veins and my bones and to remember to say f**k it to everything else. Nothing else matters when you make music except to be brave enough to keep the channel open and do what your body and soul tells you to.

Your most important job as an artist is not to make perfect music that everyone will like, but to keep the channel open and keep the energy UP. That is what this song reminds me to do.

– – –

'I Cry A Lot' is out now.

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