From Scott Walker to minimal krautrock boogie...

Jaakko Eino Kalevi is a true original.

The Finnish artist has a bewitching way with music, with 2013 breakthrough EP 'Dreamzone' introducing a talent who seemed to flutter effortlessly between the outer regions of what could be classified as pop.

Signing to Domino imprint Weird World, debut album 'Jaakko Eino Kalevi' will be released on June 15th. The songwriter explains:

"I played the 'self-titled' card this time because for many people this album will be their first encounter with my music. Also, I get my name misspelled so often that I think it's good to focus on that at this point."

Ahead of the album release, Clash invited Jaakko Eino Kalevi to name a few of the influences running through his material.

- - -

Winston Tong - 'Reports From The Heart'

I really like the voice of Winston Tong, who used to be the singer with Tuxedomoon. He sounds very dramatic and almost like he is crying. And accompanied with the synthetic, light yet melancholic sounds it makes a perfect song. This song, from his 1985 album Theoretically Chinese, feels like it's not going anywhere. Just starting over again and again.

- - -

Harmonia - 'Dino'

Harmonia's minimal kraut boogie is fascinating. So hypnotic and propulsive. Besides for the afternoons, this is good when driving a car. I heard this album for the first time when we were on a road trip to the Midnight Sun Film Festival and had to drive for 12 hours.

- - -

Scott Walker - 'Angels Of Ashes'

Scott Walker's 4 is my favourite of his albums, and this song somehow stands out from the other songs. The melody occasionally starts to play in my head from time to time. So dreamy and comforting. Also the bass sound is ideal. I keep thinking this is about renewing yourself through change. Also, getting rid of your ego, and you will feel closer to your true self.

- - -

Sebastian Tellier - 'Kilometer'

I like this record's sensual vibe, being still quite tight and humorous. I think the influence can be heard on my album, in particular the songs 'Room', 'Ikuinen Purkautumaton Jännite' and 'J.E.K.'.

- - -

François Valéry - 'Joy (Scène D'Amour)'

This is an exceptional film. It's about the adventures of a supermodel and her search for the perfect man which leads her to travel around the earth. The plot is delightfully loose and the atmosphere feels so special, as does the soundtrack.

- - -

'Jaakko Eino Kalevi' will be released on June 15th.

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