An unusual guest blog...

Scottish alt-pop duo HYYTS are building their own world.

Precocious, intoxicating digital pop melodies, the band's compact but enticing catalogue is strewn with killer melodic moments.

Recently popping down to London for a stellar live show, Clash caught up with HYYTS for their Influences, and received some typically idiosyncratic responses...

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Gary Clark - ‘Freefloating’

We’ve had the pleasure of working with Gary on all the HYYTS stuff so far and he is one of the most talented producers and musicians on the planet. We always knew his stuff with Danny Wilson and his solo album from our dads playing it growing up but after working with him our appreciation has gone to a whole new level.

It was hard to pick just one but ‘Freefloating’ with its funky emotional dance vibe is right up our street and his voice is pure magic. The production and the songwriting coming together to make you feel a certain way is, in our opinion, when music is best. And it’s super sexy.

Here is an amazing wee dog:

Kanye West - ‘Roses’

Kanye is probably our biggest joint inspiration. We both have slightly different backgrounds and styles but Kanye’s combination of faultless production, perfect hook writing and direct lyrics meet in the middle of both of our minds. Pop music today has changed because of Kanye and in our opinion he’s never had a bad album.

What’s more, the way he manipulates the media and celebrity culture to be the most controversial figure in the business is pretty mental. Though he’s not always the most tasteful, there’s no denying he’s a PR genius. This is probably our favourite song for a number of reasons. On face value, the lyrics are heartbreakingly amazing and the sample is flawless. What we love the most is the weird juxtaposition between the music and the lyrics though, dancing in the face of pain and praying to a god you don’t believe in is our whole vibe.

He also just makes it so hooky and fun to sing along with that even the complex rap parts stick in your head. Just fab.

Here’s a picture of Lawrence Llewelyn-Bowen in a Puka shell necklace:

The 1975 - ‘Paris’

The 1975 are the most exciting band in the world right now. We read an interview with Matt Healy recently that we couldn’t stop talking about. He was basically saying that playing lad rock in 2019 isn’t punk anymore, punk is playing bubblegum pop songs about drug addiction and mental health to teenagers who don’t have anything to believe in and that really put what we’ve been thinking into words well.

Also the whole idea that a band is more than music but an experience now is so our cup of tea. From the merch to the live shows to PR, they put so much detail into everything and it’s so good.

This song has been stuck in our head for weeks and is another example of taking a new approach to something and it totally paying off; there’s no bridge, the song doesn’t really kick in more or change that dynamically throughout, instead they let the lyrics take the forefront and it emphasises all the different hooks by changing things rather than repeating them.

Look at this!

David Byrne - ‘Strange Overtones’

This song is so special to us and would probably be ‘our song’ if we were a couple. It’s hard to put a finger on why it’s so good, there’s just something magical about it that simultaneously makes us dance and get super emotional. Our favourite thing in the world is sad dance music; anything that makes you move and gets you feeling things at the same time gets us v excited.

This song kind of sums that up in a way - kind of hypnotic, super catchy and lyrics with just the right mix of weird and direct that you can mould it to fit your own emotions and belt your wee heart out. Whenever there’s a party, we play this song and forget everyone else in the room. 

Now look at this wee dude:

Darren Styles - ‘Come Runnin’

It might seem a bit silly to some but this has been one of our favourite songs for ages now. Happy hardcore is a style that’s kind of shaped the places we’ve grown up and that kind of sound has always been around us at school and stuff.

Now amazing artists like Tommy Cash and Little Big are starting to bring it back and use it to some serious effect but the original hero of the genre is definitely Darren Styles. There’s something about the no-holds-barred in your face silliness about it that’s actually super honest and so unpretentious that you can’t help but move your body and fall in love. This kind of music will always get us pumped and Darren will always be our man.

Where is he going?

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