Hippo Campus
The sounds that fuel new album 'landmark'...

There are many different sides to Hippo Campus.

At points, the Minnesota band can be deliriously infectious, a melodic knack that has seen them chalk up countless, countless streams.

Yet there are also moments of barbed complexity, remarkable depth that sits in amongst that shimmering melody.

New album 'landmark' is out now, so to celebrate Clash invited Hippo Campus to name a few key influences...

- - -

- - -

Tame Impala - 'Yes I'm Changing'

'Currents' was my top album I listened to in 2015. The way the Kevin Parker pushed his music creatively forward was important in my perception of what I personally wanted to do with our project. This song feels completely of the moment. It references old Tame Impala, but with a pallet that feels fresh. - Jake Luppen

- - -

Here We Go Magic - 'Over The Ocean'

This song didn't necessarily have a direct influence on the writing of the album but acted instead as a place of refuge on the road. When everyday of tour is a battlefield of stimulation and engagement it's important to have somewhere to go internally. This song was that place, and it's environment influenced a way of finding yourself. - Jake Luppen

- - -

A Winged Victory For The Sullen - 'Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears'

This song represents a quintessential ambient album that was played consistently surrounding the writing and recording period of our album. Again, this album served as a place of peace and serenity during stressful times. It shaped the way I viewed musical textures and shed light on the emotion and drama that music can inform. While we obviously didn't right an ambient album, this one lended itself to the more subtle and introspective parts of ours. - Zach Sutton

- - -

Jonathan Boulet - 'Mangle Trang'

This was one of my favourite songs and artists in the year leading up to writing our new album. I love how drum heavy this song is. The drums are just as important as the melodies. The jungle style/vibe throughout this entire album is very contagious. I wanted to bring a little bit of that drum heavy jungle vibe to the album. It sneaked in on tracks like western kids and simple season.

On this track specifically I really enjoyed the marimbas and auxiliary percussion. We put a lot of auxiliary percussion on our new album and also hid some xylophone in there. The percussion helps make the beat feel more full and helps create a fun/comfortable atmosphere. These are just a few ways this song/artist inspired me. - Whistler Allen

- - -

The 1975 - 'Talk!'

I was influenced by the drummer of this band. George Daniel. He has a way of making his drum beats very minimal, powerful, and melodic. He doesn't do too much and doesn't do too little. It feels balanced, comfortable and is technically impressive. It was a fun challenge for me to try and decipher his beats and learn how to do the same minimal style with similar power.

There is also a strong vibe of the 80s in his style. I wanted to do the same, but without over saturating. This required me to start thinking outside of the box, which I feel George does well, and try to find ways to stick out and be unique without doing too much. I tried my best to accompany the melodies and guitar lines thanks to George and The 1975. - Whistler Allen

- - -

Hippo Campus have confirmed the following UK shows:

9 Bristol The Fleece
10 Nottingham Rescue Rooms
12 London KOKO
13 Manchester Gorilla
14 Dublin Academy 2
15 Glasgow G2

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