Influences: Higher Power

Jimmy Wizard reveals his sonic roots...

Leeds band Higher Power make sure that every step counts.

The group have moved from a tight-knit underground scene to sit on the brink of the mainstream, with new album '27 Miles Underwater' set to be ushered out into the world via Roadrunner Records.

Out this month, the record also coincides with another milestone, in the form of Higher Power's first ever Stateside tour.

It's a key moment for the band, who recorded their new album with PIXIES cohort Gil Norton.

The follow on from Higher Power's breakout 'Soul Structure' LP, it twists and bends their feral punk rage into something quite distinct.

Jimmy Wizard breaks down a few of their Influences…

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Glassjaw – 'Radio Cambodia'

Just Daryl in general is a big influence on me to my approach with vocal style. There is so much character in his voice and the way he really enunciates words.

This is something I never do in general when talking but when it comes to lyrics I want them to be heard as clear as possible so people can relate. So hearing how he does that with so much character and style definitely made me think about my approach to doing that.

– – –

Shift – 'Spacesuit'

I love the imagery in the lyrics on this whole record. Using words to create an image or a theme within a song was what I tried to do when writing this album especially with tracks like ‘Low Season’ and ‘Lost In Static’.

– – –

Bad Brains – 'Soul Craft'

I was never as into Bad Brains' early stuff as much as everyone around me was in the hardcore scene. I think for a long time I just didn’t understand them as a band and have always kind of liked telling people I didn’t really care for them.

People in hardcore could never believe that and I kinda liked the controversy but 'Quickness' is a record that really turned me onto them in a big way. I loved the groove so much and the mixing of styles. There was a lot of rock influence in there – I loved the riffs that had negative space in like super staccato and rigid but so groovy at the same time.

That was something we wanted to achieve with parts like the verse in 'King Of My Domain' (one of the tracks off our album ’27 Miles Underwater’).

– – –

Deftones – 'Street Carp'

Deftones are a huge influence in general but the thing I loved about this song is the use of heavy shouted vocals flowing along side a nice floating melody – almost in a back and forth kind of way.

This gave me the idea to try experimenting with that formula and that’s how ‘Drag The Line’ off the new album came about came about.

– – –

Linkin Park – 'Hybrid Theory'

This album has so many good choruses. I love a good hook but these aren’t just cheesy big choruses they are so emotional and can really draw you in on that level and not just in a melodic sense. That was something I have always wanted with the music I make. You can’t beat a big chorus. I love melody but this isn’t just that it’s the tone of the voice and what Chester is trying to convey with that really opened my eyes to what a chorus should be.

– – –

'27 Miles Underwater' is out on January 24th.

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