Influences: GRANT

Exploring the Swedish artist's sonic realm...

GRANT isn't building songs, she's building worlds.

New album 'Truth & Consequences' is incoming, and it finds the Swedish-Grammy nominated artist moving into fresh realms.

80s synth pop done with a real sense of landscape building and sophistication, it follows the creative triumph that was her 2020 EP 'Vertigo'.

Reminiscent of MUNA or King Princess, there's also a slight Millennial sheen to GRANT's work that plays with emotion and nostalgia.

Clash links with GRANT to discuss her Influences…

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Viagra Boys

It’s not easy to describe Viagra Boys, but I’d say it’s something like jazzy techno punk with an incredible amount of humour, and I think they’re spectacular. They’ve made a world of their own through their arrangements, lyrics and visuals and it’s all really absurd and I can’t get enough of it.

They’re also one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live, it’s ridiculously entertaining and cathartic.

– – –


Lune is a being of her own. The way she makes music is so physical and it urges you to explore your body and surroundings, something she also manifests in her visuals. She tends to work with the essence of a movement, and it’s easy to follow but always very powerful. Lately she’s been playing around with mixing Swedish and English lyrics and I think the result is beautiful.

'Gånglåt från ingenstans' from her latest release also features some serious sax business by Isak Hedtjärn, a fellow multi-talented Swedish musician that I encourage everyone to follow.

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Noomi, or Amanda as I know her, is one of my best friends and it’s such an honour to follow and be a part her journey as an artist.

She grew up around classical and folk music (her mother leading a highly regarded choir) – and these elements of her childhood all play major roles in her otherwise electronic productions. I can’t wait for the world to hear more of her as she’s evolved this mixture of sounds further into something entirely her own.

– – –

Deki Alem

Deki Alem is a duo consisting of two brothers that started off their career as BENNET, a critically acclaimed hip-hop project in Sweden. But what they’ve been making lately under the moniker Deki Alem is really something else, and British influences through a Swedish filter done right.

It’s playfully aggressive, straightforward and funky as fuck.

– – –


Life is a beach around Miynt! It’s the sound of summer and psychedelics, with dreamy melodies via lo-fi. She’s a cold drink in a heatwave, and a much needed live act that allows her musicians to create in the moment.

She just released her debut album, and it will take you places you’ve never been.

– – –

Jelly Crystal

Jelly Crystal to me is like a young David Bowie. He’s got a lot of soul and heart, but there’s also theatre and a great amount of craftsmanship that goes in to his songs.

I love how he uses the range of his voice. His expression borders on goofy, but it’s also all so very beautiful and sincere. I’ve listened to his debut album 'Freak Show' quite a lot, and was happy to see another release from him together with Swedish R&B superstar Seinabo Sey.

– – –


Esther is like my little sister and it’s hard to be objective here but she’s in all honesty one of the most musical people I know of. Her expression will seem fragile at first, but is actually such a great force. Her ability to take hold of tender moments and make them music is extraordinary.

Being a trained classical percussionist and vibraphonist makes a distinct impact on her writing, and makes her such a unique live act. She’s releasing a new song very soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

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Photo Credit: Olof Grind

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