God Damn
A guide to the Wolverhampton project's new material...

God Damn don't hold back.

Expurgated from the bowels of Wolverhampton, the feral noise rock outfit have carved out quite the reputation for themselves as a live act.

Releasing a rather seismic debut album, the pair then set about de-constructing their sound still further.

New album 'Everything Ever' manages to somehow sound more concise but yet also more out of control then ever before - it's a real trip.

Guitarist/vocalist Thom Edward guides Clash through the Influences that propel their new album (or at least it's opening track)...

I was going to do this for the whole album, but that's mad impossible for just five songs of choice. So I've decided to concentrate on the first song on the album as I've been meaning to do this anyway, to explain our so called change in direction with that indie meets doom thing.

So here we go, "Sing This" Shalala fucking la, excuse the Arctic Monkeys reference there, jumped the gun a bit. Right...

- - -

- - -

The Walkmen - 'The Rat'

This is one of the greatest indie songs of all time and it's got what’s probably my favourite breakdown of any song ever. Play this at the indie disco and I'm ripping my todger off with excitement.

- - -

Pissed Jeans - 'False Jesii Pt. 2'

That snotty nonsensical yaiiyaiyayaya bit was kind of what was in my mind when writing this song but it never turned out like that. Fucking tune though.

- - -

Thee Oh Sees - 'Toe Cutter – Thumb Buster'

Yeah that main riff we kind of ripped off ever so slightly from here, but not blatantly enough for a law suit. In fact, originally this song was called "Thee Pains" but we changed it for some dumb ass reason. I worship at the church of Saint Dwyer, I think everyone wishes they were in his band, or at least that effortlessly cool.

- - -

Crooked Vultures - 'Nobody Loves Me & Neither Do I'

Sing This is in Drop A, and the riff at the end of this track is probably my favourite riff ever, let alone my favourite Drop A (Guitar tuned to AADGBEe, aka mega floppy low string) riff. This band were a mega influence on us starting our band in the first place. They totally need to re-form and take us on tour.

- - -

Tom Waits - 'Come On Up To The House'

Probably has no influence directly to this song, but Tom Waits is a huge part of who I am lyrically and I just want everyone in the world to hear this tune. Plus there's a lyric that sounds like it says, "if life seems nasty, British or short", but it probably doesn't.

- - -

God Damn's new album 'Everything Ever' will be released on September 23rd.

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