Grime producer looks back on his roots...
Faze Miyake

Faze Miyake has always kept his ear to the ground - after all, that's where the lowest frequencies can be discerned.

Closely associated with the creative energy rippling through grime, the producer has a much broader take on the UK underground than some realise.

Faze Miyake's output nods towards rave culture, towards hardcore, jungle and drum 'n' bass, while also reflecting his youthful love of Stateside hip-hop.

Ruffneck productions delivered with style and attention - who could ask for more? Set to play Bristol bash Love Saves The Day, Faze Miyake agreed to share his Influences for Clash.

- - -

Shy FX & UK Apache - 'Original Nuttah'

I look at the guys from jungle as the pioneers of everything we do today, really. My music is very bass-orientated and I remember being really young and hearing this tune along with a lot more jungle being played by either my parents or cousins etc. I was always fascinated by the whole culture even down to the way they dressed and the music has brought so much influence to so many of us. Big tune, still goes off.

- - -

Wiley - 'Pies'

I remember hearing this in like Year 10 or something and I'd been into this whole music movement which is now grime from much earlier than that. But the sound of it was so different and far away from UK garage at this point. The drum pattern and the sounds used and even his flows. Very innovative. Wiley is probably my main influence in music even up until now and this is one of my favourites from him.

- - -

Three Six Mafia - 'Sippin On Some Syrup'

Rap music has played a huge role in influencing me but I was always a big fan of Three Six Mafia for their sound. I always thought it was more interesting and relate-able to UK music. I only mean this by how the tracks were programmed, rather than it just being samples and the usual hip-hop tempo it is more or less the same tempo as grime. They have been key players in the whole trap sound from the South and that's something that has definitely influenced me.

- - -

Quentin Harris ft. Cordell McClary - 'Travelling'

These are the sort of tracks I was always hearing when I first started raving properly. Funky House had hit London and it felt a lot closer to Garage for me personally. It was a really fun time for a lot of us and the music itself definitely had an influence on me. The drums and percussion in most of these tracks made them so much more interesting than the usual 4x4 House patterns. I was a big fan of the more souful sounding tracks and just makes me think about going on holiday. As a DJ I still like to drop these in sets from time to time.

- - -

Chief Keef - 'Faneto'

I don't even consider this being rap or hip-hop. I've always said Chief Keef is some sort of Electronic Punk Rap. Listening to this track at first it really just sounds like an early grime tune made on Fruity Loops in like 2002. I think Keef kicked off this whole new movement of drill music which has gone on to influence loads more artists in this day and age. A lot of beats and slang used in music today stem from Keef and I'm a big fan too so definitely an influence in what I am currently doing.

- - -

Catch Faze Miyake at Love Saves The Day in Bristol (May 28th - 29th).

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