The sounds that inspire the Scottish group...

Fatherson aren't an easy band to pin down.

The Scottish group have been through many phases, many iterations, with new album 'Sum Of All Your Parts' arguably their most creative, most fully realised work yet.

Performing at Metropolis Studios, West London for Clash Live last week, the band matched old material against new, finding unity in the various facets of their songwriting.

With a full UK tour incoming, Clash caught up with Fatherson to find out what exactly inspired them - sonically speaking - during the making of their new album...

- - -

Margaret Glaspy - 'Emotions and Math' (Ross Leighton)

This song and album really influenced us when we were writing new stuff because of how cool and simple it is. Her whole album is like one long exercise in what a three piece can achieve when they catch a vibe. Her style of playing guitar is just super cool alongside her amazing voice.

I got lost in this album and with this song for about a year after a friend turned me onto a side project of hers called Rude Ruth, which is pretty much only available on YouTube but has some amazing songs. All in all, the unashamed rawness in her songwriting and production played a huge influence in this album.

- - -

Frank Ocean - 'Godspeed' (Ross Leighton)

I can’t really speak enough on how this album changed my life. I listen to it like five times a week and still discover new things in it, pure weird through composed soul music. This song will always remind me of sitting in my old house with my brother after a night out and listening to this song and disappearing into it.

His voice and melodies on the whole of 'Blond' were super inspiring for this new Fatherson album because they made me super passionate about songwriting again because I found his album so interesting - and I still do.

- - -

Bon Iver - 'Holocene' (Greg Walkinshaw)

The self-titled Bon Iver record has left a mark on all of us that has made its way into various parts of this new record.

Whilst its hard to pick out a favourite song from that album, we can say that 'Reflection' is inspired by the space that Justin Vernon creates in the song 'Holocene' - it’s so ethereal, beautifully spacey. The way it washes over the listener whilst gradually building intensity throughout the song was a big inspiration when crafting various parts of our new record.

- - -

Song Of Return - 'The Story Of A Cell' (Greg Walkinshaw)

Song Of Return were a supergroup of various Glasgow bands who made one album in their time together. The whole album has got such an eerie atmosphere to it that combines guitars and electronics in a way that can make you feel claustrophobic and isolated all at once.

'The Story Of A Cell' is a real highlight from the album and uses a repetitive drum part and droning synths to build the song dynamically up into a climatic outro. We were quite heavily inspired by the soundscapes that this band created at various points during the writing process.

- - -

Death Cab For Cutie - 'I Will Possess Your Heart' (Marc Strain)

This song for me sums up what I love about this band. The intro just goes on and on, hypnotically and when it finally changes, everything drops away and it is so satisfying.

There is a bit of a nod to this on the closing track of our new album ‘Building A Wall’. I think we also took inspiration from the confidence you need to have to do something like this on a record. Something that was important for us OK this new album was to go with what felt right to us in the room when we were playing together and I think that Death Cab seem to really demonstrate that too in this song.

- - -

Manchester Orchestra - 'The Neighbourhood Is Bleeding' (Marc Strain)

This track is the first song I ever heard by Manchester Orchestra and for that reason is one of my favourites. Manchester Orchestra are a band that are a huge influence on us and have been for a while. There is an honesty and sentiment throughout their writing that I think really resonated with us in the formative years of our band.

The arrangements and vibe of the band as a whole have been a huge inspiration to us, especially for this record. The production doesn’t have to be huge and overly expansive, good performances of good songs is what we went for and hopefully that is what we’ve achieved.

- - -

'Sum Of All Your Parts' is out now.

Catch Fatherson at the following shows:

2 Belfast Voodoo
3 Dublin Whelans
4 Leeds Hyde Park Book Club
5 Manchester Night People
6 Birmingham Sunflower Lounge
8 Nottingham Rock City
9 London Scala
10 Norwich Waterfront Studio
11 Brighton Patterns
28 Newcastle University

2 Glasgow Barrowland

For tickets to the latest Fatherson shows click HERE.

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