The sounds that underpin their new album...

It's been three years since DIANA release their debut album, three years that have allowed them to absorb fresh ideas and explore new ways of making music.

Finally, the wait for new material is almost over. New album 'Familiar Touch' will be released on November 18th, and it's a typically intelligent return.

Probing yet melodic songwriting, the material seems able to meld together genres, styles, and eras, while succumbing to none.

Ahead of its release Clash sat down with DIANA's Joseph Shabason to discuss Influences.

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The Blue Nile

When Kieran played me the album 'Hats' it felt as if I was finally listening to an album that I had been waiting all my life to hear. The vocals are so earnest and unabashedly emotional plus the urgency of Paul Buchanan's delivery is somehow both joyous and heartbreaking at the same time. The fact that they set those impossibly beautiful vocals to the warmest, most thoughtful music is why we all love The Blue Nile so much.

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Prefab Sprout

When I first played 'When Love Breaks Down' for Kieran he told me he thought it sounded corny. This blew my mind because I had been listening to Steve Mcqueen non-stop and figured that he was also going to love it. Because I really trust Kieran's taste in music there was a period of six months where I really questioned my love of Prefab....Was it just 80s nostalgia? But in the end Kieran came around to the band and now he loves them as much as I do. This is all to say... I was right and he was wrong!

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S.O.S Band

For a long time I feel like "funky" was a dirty word. It seemed like any music that we wrote that felt like it was too overtly funky or groovy was cut and replaced with something more musically obscure. On 'Familiar Touch' we really tried to embrace the fact that we all love funky music. Things don't have to sound weird to be cool and you don't have to always write lyrics that obscure meaning as a way of protecting your true feelings. Let it all out!

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Sade is the GOAT (greatest of all time). So smooth, such incredible lyrics, so willing to take chances with song form and melody, every note and lyric is so personal, such minimal production... Everything that she has achieved in her music are things that DIANA strives for when we play and write. During the recording of Familiar Touch I feel like 'What Would Sade Do?' was the band mantra every time we got stuck on a song.

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Peter Gabriel

I mean at this point I think that Peter Gabriel doesn't need much explanation. It's like trying to explain why Kate Bush or Michael Jackson are important composers... anything I say will just sound like a dumber version of what their music says for itself. So with that in mind I'll just let you enjoy this song...

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'Familiar Touch' will be released on November 18th.

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