The sounds that inspire the Brooklyn quartet...

When Crumb first got together there wasn't a masterplan.

Four kids in Brooklyn, they initially worked together to flesh out Lila Ramani's work, before developing a more rounded, unified voice.

Two EPs - 2016's 'Crumb' and 2017's 'Locket' - followed before Crumb went back into the studio to focus on a full length project, fully exposing their influences in the process.

Essentially psych-leaning guitar music with a jazz feel, Crumb's loose-limbed, highly exploratory sound embraces chance and eschews reason, opting for something that feels distinctly right at every turn.

Out now, debut album 'Jinx' is an extraordinary record, packed with vivid about-turns and unexpected moments, all building towards that central triumph.

Clash caught up with Crumb to explore the sounds that fuelled those studio sessions...

- - -

Gram Parsons - 'Brass Buttons'

The crushing nostalgia of this song inspires me. There’s optimism in there somewhere, too. The performance and impression of a live band is strong and their playing is delicate.

The bass sound is so round but it hits you deeply. The low end stuff is really special on this track, it feels like a bath. The piano and guitar move so sweetly alongside each other.

I first fell in love with the solo acoustic version, which is equally heartbreaking. - Jesse

- - -

Antonio Carlos Jobim - 'Children’s Games'

Jobim has a special power to take the most beautiful understated melodies through so many different sonic worlds. Each sound in the orchestra and band is arranged and recorded so deliberately and creatively.

It somehow connects the strings and brass with the keys, bass, guitar, and drums in a way that all parts are working together cohesively. It’s a song that is so emotionally heavy but light and fluffy at the same time. It transports me to a peaceful place on an anxious day. - Brian

- - -

Yonatan Gat - 'Theme From A Dark Party'

I love this whole album. It’s so free and chaotic, but underneath it all, the band keeps amazing time. This song stands out because of its playfulness, but also because I have a fond memory of learning it with Lila last summer.

I don’t think it’s similar to Jinx, but I really hope to tap into a similar energy with the band in the future. - Jonathan

- - -

Lijadu Sisters - 'Life's Gone Down Low'

I remember listening to this song a lot on my morning commute to the studio last August while we were recording Jinx. I love how the lyrics are so dark but the melody and vibe are really cheerful.

They repeat that phrase over and over again for five minutes almost like a chant or celebration of something somber. It captures for me the feeling of peak summer in New York when the heat and humidity start to get to you and you feel like you are melting into the concrete. - Lila

- - -

Crumb's debut album 'Jinx' is out now. Catch the band at the following shows:

4 London The Dome

Photo Credit: Salim Garcia

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