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Choir Of Young Believers

Jannis Noya Makrigiannis isn't one to stand still.

The Danish musician has helmed Choir Of Young Believers throughout their career, steering the group through countless stylistic changes.

New album 'Grasque' though, took things further than ever before. A huge detour, the material is so unlike the project's previous work that Jannis toyed with claiming a new name.

Out now via Ghostly, it's a fascinating return, one that demonstrates the sheer breadth that this Danish group are capable of.

Clash decided to celebrate the release of 'Grasque' by inviting Jannis to explore a few Influences.

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She is a very dear friend of mine, and she was a very important part of Choir Of Young Believers for many years, but now she is taking a break from the band to focus on her own stuff. Last month her second release as CTM came out and even though it is only twenty-two minutes it totally blows my mind, and it is some of the most original music I have heard in a very, very long time.

When a person in a group of friends does a thing like this, I feel it pushes everyone around them in a very good way, to do their best at what they love, and try to create something beautiful and important. She definitely pushes me in a very good way.

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I heard this record and especially this track a lot during the recordings of Grasque, both just to relax but also for inspiration. The vocal production and the preachiness of them makes me think of when the imam is calling to prayer, over this Massive Attack's 'Teardrop' kind of beat, it is just perfect!

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Synd og Skam

I am really happy that these guys are around, because no matter what they are doing, let it be “dance” performances, books or music it's always a thrill to see, hear and read them balancing and blending. They did two full length albums since this track, both amazing, but this track was kind of a game changer for them because before this song they where more of a punk outfit, and it's been very inspiring to follow their transformation, which hopefully is far from over.

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She is the Danish dance-pop queen and has been so for many years. This is one of my favorite songs of hers - crying on the dancefloor.

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When Saints Go Machine

Back in 2013 and 14, when the idea of Grasque was slowly taking form there was a period, where this track was on repeat. The lyrics and the way they are delivered breaks my heart every single time and the production is so melodic, poppy and aggressive at the same time, everything about this song is so very touching and inspiring to me, and it definitely also changed my ears, when it comes to singing in Danish.

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'Grasque' is out now.

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