The sounds that inspired her new album...

Alice Phoebe Lou is coming of age.

New album 'Paper Castles' is a dose of progressive pop, continually chafing against the barriers placed in front of her.

Out now, it was produced by Grammy award-winner Noah Georgeson, and it sonically fits her meditations on leaving childhood and embracing adulthood.

In Alice's words the record is “about growing into a woman, about the pain and beauty of the past, about feeling small and insignificant but finding that to be powerful and beautiful, about acknowledging that childhood is over but bringing some of it with you.”

A fascinating pop portrait, 'Paper Castles' is set to be followed by a one off London show at Hackney's EartH venue next month.

Clash caught up with Alice Phoebe Lou to find out her Influences...

- - -

Little Dragon - 'Ritual Union'

Long drives to high school were made special with the songs my mom would play. She discovered Little Dragon and showed them to me on one of those early mornings and I've been moved and shaken by them ever since.

The strong fiery female vocals paired with the experimental funky band continues to amaze me with every new album and collaboration they release. This song was the beginning of that relationship and I'm so grateful for how they push the boundaries and constantly explore, never giving you the impression that they are just trying to appease their fans, but rather that they are constantly changing and morphing and trying new tasty things.

When I'm blue, this shit sorts me out!

- - -

Black Sabbath - 'Planet Caravan'

The first time I heard this song I had just moved to Berlin at 19, so far away from home with no friends or connections and with my first deep sense of loneliness welling up in me. I never knew that Black Sabbath made music like this and I was blown away to hear this tune. I cried like a baby and listened to it five times in a row and its been a soundtrack for many intense moments in my life.

There's something mystical about it, something that moves you deeply without being able to adequately describe why. The lyrics are incredibly profound too, something I figured out years later when I looked them up.

Mmmmm loooove this one.

- - -

Connan Mockasin - 'Con Conn Was Impatient'

This album as a whole has been blowing my mind. He's always been inspiring to me in the way that pushes the boundaries and uses intense emotions in his songs, but this album really brought everything together for me. The simplicity and repetition, the way it lulls you into a relaxed melancholy. I'm totally in love. It prods right at my heart.

His guitar sounds, the production in general, the way he uses his voice to transmit so many feelings. Can't fucking wait to see him live.

- - -

Kali Uchis - 'After The Storm'

I've always had a cheeky soft spot for Kali and her uncompromising feminine power. This song & video really elevated her for me. 'If you need a hero just look in the mirror'. The song has grooves for days and the production is damn tasty, it kind of feels like an ultimate feel good song with hints of divine feminine energy everywhere. I'm proud of her and what she has carved out for herself musically and in her career as a whole. She also plays a huge creative role in her aesthetic output and the art direction of the videos, which is so dope. Big fan!

- - -

Shuggie Ottis - 'Island Letter'

What a guy. I feel like this song and album were so ahead of their time. Transcendental and like stories that float in all directions and take you on a wholesome adventure. The tones of everything, the colours, the textures. It's music that feels like a stream of consciousness.

It picks you up and holds you in its arms and strokes your hair and rocks you to dreams. This one is a perfect soundtrack to long drives, which are happening often right now on this tour of mine!

- - -

'Paper Castles' is out now. Catch Alice Phoebe Lou at London's EartH on April 17th.

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