Putting their guitars and synths in a blender

Putting their guitars and synths in a blender, then drinking down the resulting instrumental milkshake, Infadels have uncovered a sound that demolishes the wall between dance and rock.

Debut album ‘We Are Not The Infadels’ was produced by acclaimed dance-head Jagz Kooner, yet referenced rock culture with tracks such as ‘Jagger ’67’. In the two years that followed Infadels have honed their sound, the rigours of relentless touring to produce the savage new album ‘Universe In Reverse’. The first track to be released from the album was the download-only ‘Play Blind’, which saw the band reach for the axes and turn the amps up to eleven.

Their new rockier sound is set to launch them onto the main stage of festivals across the summer. Whether the audience are prepared for them is another thing. A huge leap on from their debut, ‘Universe In Reverse’ will tear off your ears and teach you how to listen again.

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