In The Works – Frightened Rabbit

"We work hard and make good albums.”

Scotland is renowned for many things. Haggis, deep-fried Mars bars, whisky and Buckfast to name but a few examples. However, commonly overlooked is the overwhelmingly potent influence the nation’s squally highlands seems to have on its pensive dwellers. Frightened Rabbit recently retreated there to record EP ‘State Hospital’, where they apparently drew much inspiration from its striking scenery. So it’s no surprise that when they commenced the recording of their new long-player to follow, they picked a similarly tranquil landscape in Rockfield, South Wales, as a location, which is also, and conveniently, home to Monnow Valley Studios.

Here, the likes of Oasis and The Stone Roses have recorded, but founding member Scott Hutchison was anything but daunted by the experience. “We just got on with it and enjoyed ourselves. We were well prepared, because we’d done lots of writing and demoing, so by the time we actually got there we were ready to go.”

Hutchison admits that there was definitely a prevalent sense of individualism and personal anguish throughout the band’s first two works, but is adamant that the latest creation is of a more collaborative nature, and one which conjures up broader and less idiosyncratic themes. “The freedom given to us by our label meant that we had huge amounts of time and physical space to record with, and we were actually able to record live together sometimes. There was a lot of experimentation going on.”

The hummable Scottish five-piece evidently possess a firm grasp of what they’re about, and Hutchison candidly concedes that the band aren’t the most rock ‘n’ roll outfit the world has ever encountered either. “We are probably the most boring band there is. I was watching this YouTube video of Kyle Faulkner from The View absolutely off his tits on TV and it just made me realise that we’re nothing like that. We don’t get off our tits. We work hard and make good albums.”

If the band’s latest opus is anything as frank as the cut of the unwavering frontman’s jib, then Clash is very excited.

Words: Josh Taylor
Photography: Marc Sethi

Album Title: TBA
Release Date: Early 2013
Recorded: Monnow Valley Studios, Rockfield
Songs include: ‘Late March, Death’, ‘State Hospital’, ‘Acts Of Man’
Fact: Scott claims that Monnow Valley Studio is haunted by a ghost called ‘The Colonel’, who terrorises his victims by throwing bread at them.

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