As they record with legendary producer Peter Katis...

In one fell swoop The Wild State underlined their status as a band to watch out for.

Debut single 'Air Runs Out' is online now, a poetic, biting, claustrophobic piece of indie rock with some beautiful flourishes.

Out now, it was overseen by Peter Katis, a legendary producer whose work includes sessions with The National, Interpol, and Kurt Vile.

Flying out to Connecticut for the recording sessions, the move ended a fraught period in the personal life of singer Josh Difford.

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"Having suffered a severe foot injury and a pretty tough relationship break up, I found myself with a lot of time and unspent emotion to put into music," he explains.

Linking with Oliver Spalding, the pair then began to sketch out something new, before recording some initial demos. Laurie White came on board, and once the line up for The Wild State had been formulated a publishing hook up with IAMSOUND saw the three-piece fly out to America.

"He's a hero of ours," he continues. "Peter likes to mix as he goes. So after we’d completed a take, he’d ask us to give him 10 minutes alone so that he could have a quick 'basic' mix. You’d come back upstairs and often the changes he’d made were simply mind-blowing. We soon concluded that man must be a wizard!"

"As well as his astounding knowledge, it was his calm, collected temperament and ability to encourage the best out of us that was so rewarding. The equipment Peter had available for us to use was incredible. Pretty much every bit of gear we’ve ever dreamt of having, suddenly was available, for us to use whenever we wanted."

"I think the contacts that Peter had at the end of a phone line were invaluable also. We tried, and definitely failed, to contain our excitement. We worked with some extraordinary musicians and it came together beautifully."

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It's a chain of events that still leaves the band breathless. The frontman recalls: "I think a really surreal point of the whole process came just after finishing the record. Having lived in that studio for six weeks, working at such intense levels with a great creative mind like Peter, we didn’t really have a moment to fully appreciate the magnitude of what we were experiencing until afterwards."

"Having such a highly regarded name like Peter be so excited and encouraging of what we’d created together was huge for us. Peter’s obvious love of ‘Air Runs Out’ was the real highlight for us."

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Clash has obtained some exclusive photos from The Wild State's sessions with Peter Katis - check 'em out up top.

Photo Credit: Joel Diner

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