Two rising artists get acquainted...
Sinead Harnett x Nick Brewer

In one corner, you've got one of the country's most sought after lyricist, an artist whose dexterity and flow is near un-matched.

In the other, a soulful pop newcomer whose dulcet tones would soften the hardest of hearts.

So when Essex wordsmith Nick Brewer and rising vocalist Sinead Harnett crossed swords in the studio, something special was bound to happen.

New single 'Never Say Never' is the result. A divine concoction, it ranks as one of the finest things either artist has recorded.

Clash sat them down for a revealing In Conversation piece...

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Sinead: Who are your top three influential artists?
Nick: Nas. I remember hearing Nas made me want to rap. The way he was able to paint pictures and put stories together definitely inspired me. Wiley - hearing his beats made me want to become an MC, I also think he is one of the most open and honest MCs out there. Kano, he just took flow and content to another level for UK MCs. So innovative, creative, and in many ways, ahead of his time.

Sinead: What do you like the most about collaborating?
Nick: It's a lot of fun collaborating with other artists. I just like being able to jump into another artist's world, and I'm always challenged to become a better artist.

Sinead: Did you find getting the balance between our parts tricky/easy on this single?
Nick: Yeah I think it was pretty tricky. Getting the balance on a collaboration is not always the easiest, and sometimes there's so many ideas that some are gonna have to get dropped. But I'm happy with how it came out.

Sinead: Which part of filming the video did you like the most and why, was it the performance or acting aspect?
Nick: I think I liked performing the scene with us together with all of our mates. It's fun bouncing off the energy of others. I always feel a bit awkward doing the performance bits!

Sinead: What's something you'd never say never to?
Nick: Free food. Big up the all you can eat gang.

- - -

Nick: Is there any album or song out there that you wish you could've made?
Sinead: SO MANY!! It's so hard to choose one but I'll go with: Amy Winehouse 'Frank'. Her swag, soul and absolute genius lyrical content moves me as much today as when I first heard it, if not more because now I've actually gone through some of the stuff she did.

Nick: If you could pair up any two artists for a collaboration, who would it be?
Sinead: Your questions are SO much better than mine! Haha! Probably Lauryn Hill and Kendrick Lamar. They both communicate so much with just the tone of their voice, let alone the lyrics.

Nick: How important is it for you to keep your own musical identity when featuring on someone else's song? Or do you see it as an opportunity to try something different?
Sinead: I feel it's really important to stay true to who I am, whilst not being afraid to challenge my comfort zones. I want both parties to feel comfortable, so as long as my heart is in it I know I'm doing it justice.

Nick: In the video for 'Never Say Never' I take the girl I like on a date to the Bingo Hall. How would you feel if a guy took you to play bingo on the first date? Would there be a second date?
Sinead: Absolutely not...JOKING! I have actually NEVER been to bingo so I'd probably love the randomness of it. I love doing new things and it would probably prove to me that the dude is as wacky as I am!

Nick: What’s something you would never say never to?
Sinead: I have to agree with you and say free food. Actually, just food in general. Food is heaven on earth.

- - -

'Never Say Never' is out now.

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