John Bramwell shares highs and lows
I Am Kloot's Swings And Roundabouts

John Bramwell, frontman of the Mercury-nominated I Am Kloot, on missed opportunities with supermodels and near heart attacks.

My most painful injury
“I shattered my elbow at Big Hands bar in Manchester celebrating the completion of the recording of our new album ‘Sky At Night’. Someone had kindly deposited a pool of vomit on the stairs, which I carefully negotiated on the way up only to be wrong-footed on the way down.”

My most impressive sporting feat
“I achieved first in the queue when the pie van finally arrived at half-time during the last Hyde United match I attended.”

My worst hangover
“The first Kloot tour in 2001. Twenty-eight gigs in a row. Twenty-eight nights out. No sleep. Very little food. Lost my voice. The last gig at Arthur Baker’s pool bar in Islington shall always remain in my memory as the day I thought I was having a heart attack.”

My most memorable trip
“Was Glastonbury in 2005. I was only on site half an hour when I harnessed the ability to fly and get served immediately in the busiest bar at the festival.”

The strangest situation
“Walking the streets of San Francisco looking for my billet after a date with a charming lady, who, it was revealed to me later, was indeed a man.” 

My biggest regret
“Taking down Kate Moss’ mobile number incorrectly at one of our gigs.”

The worst song I ever wrote
“How dare you…!”

Interview by Laura Foster

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