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The moment an artist releases their debut album is the most important event in their life.

Put simply: you only get one shot at it. Get it right, and success surely follows. Get it wrong, and...

MoStack, though, has absolutely smashed it. After charging into the Top 10 with 'Fashion Week' the North London artist set about focussing on a full length album, recruiting some stellar guests.

Working with the best producers in the game, new album 'Stacko' is a tour de force of underground culture, with MoStack joined by Stormzy, Fredo, Dave, J Hus, and more.

Out now, 'Stacko' is an absolute beast - Clash caught up with some of the talented musicians who made it all happen...

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Steel Banglez

I have been working with MoStack for years and I have seen him develop as an artist and person. I believe this is one of his greatest masterpieces to date and I’m so glad to have played a role in it.

Levi Lennox

It's always good working with Mo. He’s very versatile and sit well on different vibes. He always brings something new. Always brings good energy to each session.

Making the album was sick, I got an opportunity to collaborate with my good friends iLL Blu, TSB and Jay Keyz which is always good. Plus working with Stormzy and Mo together and watching them bounce ideas off each other was dope to see.

It feels great to be a part of 'Stacko'! I’ve been a Mostack fan for years, even before I got a chance to work to work with him. So to be part of he’s debut album is a blessing.


Working with Mo is really cool, he's an artist who knows what he wants, which makes the process easier, quick with lyrics so easy. The tracks were built from the other producers - iLL BLU (my mentors), Levi and TSB, I could hear the word shine being flown around by Mo himself but I was concentrating on the production and the keys which you hear at the end predominantly. I laid some ideas over the track and it worked and it was built from there.

Being part of 'Stacko' is an amazing feeling because the project itself is an art. Also working with people who I see as family made it amazing to be apart of. He's definitely one to look out for!


Working with Mo is always a fun experience. He has a unique unorthodox style which means going into a session you never can predict what vibe he will on or what he will want to do. He works really fast so it usually means we will work on two or three song ideas each session.

Before we started making the album we had a listening session, listening to loads Mo favourite songs past and present, to get a real feel for Mo taste in music. Songs like Faboulos’ ‘So In You’, G-Unit’s ‘Smile’ and Goapele’s ‘Closer’ were among some of Mo’s favourites From that exercise it was clear that Mo loved very melodic songs smooth, R&B & hip-hop.

So we made beats that reflected that type of vibe with A UK sonic/energy and presented them to Mo. Songs like ‘Make me ‘Fall In Love’, Girl Diary, ‘Take Em Down’ and ‘I Want You’, were born from those sessions. Other times we would just start from scratch in the session with some chords and figure are way through it, songs like ‘Respect & Love’, ‘Shine Girl’ (co-produced with TSB, Levi Lennox) and 'Rock With You’ were created in this way.

Finally with ‘Stinkin Rich’ as we knew the track was to feature the big rap giants Dave and J Hus we wanted the instrumental to be a special musical moment. The idea behind the production in the beat was to feel like you were going from the streets to being stinking rich.

Having been part of Mo’s journey since 'Liar Liar', we have seen him grow immensely, shell down shows and progress as an artist, this has always been the aim, building towards this moment of him dropping his debut album.

It feels like a real achievement to be part of 'Stacko', and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do.


Working with Mo is sick. He brings his own energy and vibe which I love, I find it easy to connect with him and create.

The process of making 'Shannon' was quite straight forward: I was messing around with some drum ideas and I think I found a pattern that had a bounce which I saw Mo catch a vibe to. I changed the beat quite a lot on this one, I was going through different chord progressions and movements until I was happy and as you can hear I have live guitars from Alastair in there which I feel really added to the vibe.

'Shine Girl' was a pretty smooth process too, I was in the studio with iLL Blu, Levi and Jay Keyz. When it comes to co-production we just took it in turn to jump on the Mac and add some flavour, all in all an enjoyable experience in the studio.


We made 'Wild' pretty quickly - I actually made the beat 20 minutes before Mo turned up to the studio... he got there and I played him the track, he was feeling it, jumped in the booth and started freestyling, and the wild chorus happened! 70% of the vocals on the song are from his original freestyle. He's a beast!

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'Stacko' is out now.

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