24 - Feb 08

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Hot Chip Back to the dancefloor!

Hot Chip proved it was possible to reference the Eighties without recourse to gauche irony; combining contrasting genres as an evolution of sound rather than contrived experiment, whilst allowing art-school sensibilities to appeal well beyond twats with downloadable hair cuts.

Goldfrapp The trials and tribulations of...

Alison Goldfrapp scowls. She drinks. She simmers like a perfectly perfected film noir seductress on a filthy disco dance-floor. At least, that’s the tagline. Alison Goldfrapp on a Tuesday afternoon, in a members club in Soho, is none of these things. Or perhaps she is all of them…

Adele 19 year old super starlet in the making

With a smoky voice that makes your heart ache and lyrics that keep you guessing, Adele’s debut album, ‘19’, is out soon, following the release of savvy ballad ‘Chasing Pavements’. You may have already heard her homage to London, ‘Hometown Glory’, which is, quite frankly, gorgeous.

Lightspeed Champion Who's to blame for Nu Rave?

Dev Hynes is a tired man, and as Clash meets the Lightspeed Champion himself, somewhat appropriately in a Shoreditch espresso bar, it would seem he is in the middle of one of his most hectic weeks in memory.

Madness Fruity and Nutty!

For Madness, playing live and entertaining the crowd is essential to their mantra and to their success. However, to describe them as simply a novelty act is far from justified.

The Duke Spirit Hello Sailor! Out to sea with...

The Duke Spirit don’t really subscribe to the stereotypical rock band on tour.

Sons and Daughters Great Scots! They're back!

Doing things their own way and in their own time Sons And Daughters are ready to step out of the shadows and throttle some life into the darkest corners of dance floors across the land.

Album Spotlight

Michael Jackson - Thriller

Would define Jackson’s growth from childhood prodigy to adult genius and cement his place in the record books.

Personality Clash

The Maccabees Vs Good Shoes

Orlando Weeks fronts The Maccabees, the Brighton-based indie starlets whose ‘Colour It In’ was one of the best UK debut LPs heard in years. Rhys Jones heads Good Shoes, the South London peddlers of taut wry pop. Their album, ‘Think Before You Speak’, was released on Brille to great acclaim, not least from us…

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