High Frequency Bandwidth – ‘High Five Brother’

From Issue 32's covermount cd

Malicious Damage does sound rather severe for a label promoting pleasant sounds.

However their roster of artists packs a punch worthy of their appellation. Malicious are a completely independent outfit who “just like to skulk in the shadows and do things our way… but don’t be surprised if we jump out occasionally and snatch at some of that limelight…” High Frequency Bandwidth are a shining light upon the new showcase compilation from Malicious Damage. With prophesies of “sonic anarchy” and “earth-level raunch” and an obsession for the initials HFB, their music is soaked in the avant-electro influences of their past and each member brings their own lucid musical history to the table including work from The KLF to Bowie. Highly Fruitful Band.

Malicious Damage’s ‘The Clock Machine Turns You On Vol 2’ album is out on October 20th. Read Clash’s review of it here.

Listen to ‘High Five Brother’ by High Frequency Bandwidth from Clash issue 32 cover CD below.

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