Lockdown's viral success story adjusts to fame...

There’s been many names that went viral during lockdown, but for S1mba he wants to keep the good times rolling. “2020 was such a long pause and even though I’ve had a bit of success. It still feels like there’s a lot I haven’t done at all. So I’m still very excited to do more.” As we’re heading into the colder and darker months, the artist wants to keep our spirits up as we can expect something similar from his music. “It’s good vibes - I feel the music I have out now shows an upbeat side to me for sure. I just want people to have a good time”.

With that being said, we might see different sides to S1mba in the future. “I feel that music is whatever I’m feeling at the time. I don’t know how I’ll be at the end of this year. I might get heartbroken and the whole vibe might change. I’m very good at reflecting how I feel at the moment.”

For S1mba, it’s taken an adjustment being used to people knowing who he is on the streets. “It’s crazy, the amount of people that recognize and notice me now, I never experienced any of this stuff”. The playful and insanely catchy track ‘Rover’ was one of the biggest songs of 2020 in lockdown, and it’s only now S1mba is able to see the effects of this. “It's been great having the chance to interact with people who have been showing me love the past year. That feeling that people know who I am and appreciate what I do is amazing. It makes you want to keep going.”

Now, the Zimbabwean artist has released his first mixtape titled 'Good Time Long Time'. The mixtape is full of energy, good vibes and features the likes of KSI and Tion Wayne. S1mba moved to the UK aged nine when his father got a job as head gardener at Oxfordshire's Pusey estate, often helping his dad on the job. “I would be in these big mansion estates and riding along listening to my music. Those days were so enjoyable.”

For S1mba, cutting grass and riding round big houses was his inspiration in music.“I would be looking at those mansions thinking I need one like that, too. I actually think about those days all the time, because they played a big part in who I am today”.

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Words: Joe Hale
Photography: Joel Smedley

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