Lounge Heavy Metal?

You might be surprised by the mellow sound of Hellsongs, considering that name and all. Well, listen closely and you might recognise some of the lyrics which’ll give you a clue as to what’s going on here.

Hailing from Gothenburg, Sweden, Hellsongs perform surprisingly effective covers of classic heavy metal songs such as Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hills’ and ‘The Trooper’, Megadeth’s ‘Symphony of Destruction’ and Europe’s ‘Rock The Night’. Those who spent their teenage years drawing Iron Maiden’s Eddie mascot on their school bags will not doubt get off spotting the songs before the chorus arrives but as someone only half aware of the originals, the resulting covers stand up to fresh ears and have some real merit of their own. Hellsongs’ versions favour the slower paced acoustic treatment anchored by Harriet Ohlsson’s haunting voice which takes the bombast and bluster of the originals and make them her own.

Their jaunty version of ‘Symphony of Destruction’ is a revelation, teasing out the melody from the sludge of the Megadeth version and swapping the heavy guitar riffs for a rolling piano figure. It’s wonderfully light and mild mannered in it’s execution but as subversive as the original for a whole new set of reasons. Perfect listening while you recover from that last bout of head banging.

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