Tracking down the explosive Scottish producer...

When you’re sitting in a bougie cafe, enjoying your favourite Lil Uzi Vert songs from the safety of your bluetooth headphones, Rebore Kid’s self-titled war zone symphony is the last thing you want to realise you’ve been playing out of your laptop speakers for the last ten minutes - although it does explain the looks you’ve been getting.

The insane debut EP on Astral Black sees Scottish producer Polonis creating instrumentals out of gun shots, proxy mines and homing missile sound effects.

Released under his Rebore Kid alias, the project started off as a joke to hassle Spooky with, until he realised it was catching on when he started to receive support from the likes of Grandmixxer, Logos and Oil Gang.

Between remakes of grime classics like DJ Mondie’s ‘Straight’ and the original ‘Rebore Riddim’ we can confirm that these tracks will go off in the rave, but will get you chucked out of your local hipster coffee shop.

We grabbed five minutes with Polonis aka Rebore Kid to discuss how the release came to life.

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Tell us a bit about the idea behind the Rebore Kid alias and how you ended up making tracks entirely out of gunshot sounds…

To be honest Rebore Kid was a joke at first. I just wanted to bam up Spooky by sending him these anonymous grime tunes made from gunshots. I remember laughing at ‘Rebore Riddim' the fist time I made it in the LVLZ Studio!

You designed the artwork too, what was the concept behind that?

I wanted the whole alias to have an old school vibe about it so I was looking through some old Bebo's and YouTube channels and remembered you could make guns out of symbols and shit! I just thought it matched the sound I was going for with the whole not taking it seriously vibe at all.

Do you think the Rebore Kid project will be something you will continue?

Yeah I will continue making Rebore Kid tracks when I feel in the mood to do so!

Have you ever made a track entirely of any other noises? Lazers? Or the sounds of a car perhaps?

Nah I've only made music from gunshots!

As Polonis you released the ‘Beat Roots’ project last year alongside your Astral Black label mate Rapture 4D, featuring a host of MC’s from grime’s past and present - tell us a bit about what the process was like behind that…

Beat Roots was really sick! We went to Red Bull Studios LDN for nearly a week and got to sit and create some music with the people we look up to. It's mad 'cos we're from different countries but share the same passion for the music!

You’re from Greenock, Scotland, but managed to earn a reputation as one of the most exciting young grime producers in the UK - what’s it like approaching the grime scene from a Scottish satellite town? Do you think things would have panned out differently if you were from elsewhere?

I mean I'm from Greenock, yeah. But DMC finalists like Bunty live round the corner from me. I feel that being from somewhere like I am pushes me to do more with my time than just sit about and do fuck all. Especially with guys like that who have an inspiring story. If I was from Glasgow, Edinburgh or even Aberdeen I probably wouldn't have the same drive to make something of myself that I do right now.

Lastly, what does success look like to you?

Success to me is surviving comfortably and meeting people I want to be about.

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Rebore 001 is available now via Astral Black on hand-stamped white label 12” vinyl, grab yours here.

Words: Dante Miguel

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