Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson writes for Clash...

Jay Watson just can't stop making music.

A member of Australian group Tame Impala along with psychedelic juggernauts Pond he keeps a busy touring schedule.

It's often on the road, though, that he has his best ideas. Entranced by J Dilla, he dives into his laptop, sitting alone at the back of the tour bus while he makes some intrepid solo creations.

Using the GUM moniker for these releases, Jay's solo catalogue builds up into a singular, entirely unpredictable entity.

New album 'The Underdog' is out now, one of the most coherent, warming, addictive records to emerge under the GUM name.

It's a testament to Jay's unfettered creativity, largely crafted during those long tour journeys, the musician seated at the back with his headphones on.

We asked the Australian multi-instrumentalist to piece together a tour bus playlist - here are his picks...

- - -

Can - 'Future Days'

This is a perfect example of a perfect travelling record. Great for the plane or the van, very soothing but never boring, and constantly moving forward, like an organic machine. One of my all-time faves.

- - -

Boards Of Canada - 'Roy G Biv'

I’ve only just discovered this song, so I haven’t gotten to test it out on the road yet, but I can’t stop listening to it and I know it’s gonna be a winner in the cans on tour.

- - -

Stevie Wonder - 'Ordinary Pain'

Some of the van rides on Pond tour are a good 12 hour drive from A to B, and if you don’t let it get at least a little rowdy it can be a deathly boring day. This one starts out as a soul ballad and then drops into a filthy Stevie synth-funk outro. Gets my head moving in the van every time.

- - -

Ashra - '77 Slightly Delayed'

Another one I haven’t tested out on tour yet, but will be perfect for both planes and trains. I often choose music to listen to in headphones based on how pillowy and smooth it sounds, I’ve become obsessed with whether recordings are spiky or smooth, and the smooth stuff is great for blissing out to.

- - -

J Dilla - 'Nothing Like This'

Kind of obsessed with Dilla at the moment, I’ve been listening to his stuff in pretty much every situation so it had to go in this list. He had this amazing ability to draw emotion through sampling, often from samples that weren’t even that moving in the first place. The Goat.

- - -

The Jimi Hendrix Experience - '1983 A Merman Should Turn To Be'

This song blew my mind when I was 14/15, and although I rarely still play Hendrix, I love putting this one on and blowing my mind all over again. Crazy that this came out of one man’s imagination.

- - -

Radiohead - 'Daydreaming'

Title says it all really!

- - -

GUM's new album 'The Underdog' is out now.

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