"Who wants to party to a song about doing chores? I'm confused."

On the face of it, Grouplove aren't a pop act.

Those crunching riffs, those anthemic choruses, those epic live shows... the band are about as far away from a pop act as it's possible to be.

But if you scratch the surface a little you'll notice a few parallels - the refined nature of the songwriting, the urge towards a great hook, a killer melody.

New album 'Big Mess' - the band's third to date - is out now, so with that in mind Clash invited Grouplove to chair our weekly singles column.

Dan Gleason is your guide...

- - -

- - -

Jax Jones ft Mike Dunn & MNEK – 'House Work'

I don’t like house work, and I like this "house work" possibly even less. I imagine this song being played at the type of places I tend to avoid, and who wants to party to a song about doing chores? I’m confused.

- - -

Kanye West – 'Fade'

Cool bass line. I’ve so far slept on the newest Kanye record, even though I’m an admirer. Long-time fan/first time reviewer. His production is consistently progressive, drawing from the small clubs AND the classics. Some cool shifts here with great samples. I need to give this full album a listen. The song sort of meanders a little, but I like that. He's proven he can write massive hits, so I enjoy when he goes non traditional.

- - -

Wretch 32 ft. Knox Brown – 'All A Dream'

Wikipedia tells me Wretch 32 used to be a grime artist. I think I’d like it better if he'd stayed that way. This didn’t really grab me in any way. Lyrically nothing stood out, there's nothing to pull me in melodically, and instrumentally it feels a little light. No reason to come back. Hope they're nice guys.

- - -

AlunaGeorge – 'I Remember'

The production is slick, but cool. There's some 90's R&B vibes to this, but you can feel some minimal hip hop leanings as well. She has a good voice and the vocal sample in the post chorus is a nice touch. I can see why people like them. I’m really enjoying how minimalist a lot of pop music has become lately. A very nice and welcome shift from where it was previously, and this is a good example of that done well.

- - -

John Newman – 'Ole'

This has sort of a young Jimmy Buffet thing going on. I feel like people in Florida would like it. I’m not from Florida. I’m from Michigan.

- - -

Tinashe – 'Superlove'

Ya know, I think a lot of people would like this. it’s a well-crafted and produced pop song. She's got some obvious talent, and there are truly some parts that are catchy and feel good. the rapping part is particularly engaging, even if the lyrics aren’t. But I still can’t imagine a moment where I’d choose to put this on.

- - -

Grouplove's new album 'Big Mess' is out now. Catch the band live:

26 Manchester Academy 3
27 London Electric Ballroom

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