Hollie Fullbrook on her tales from the road...

Each new chapter from Tiny Ruins is worth waiting for.

Essentially rooted in the imagination of Hollie Fullbrook, the Auckland project has grown to incorporate new members, new sounds, and new ideas.

The band's third album 'Olympic Girls' is out now, a beautifully etched series of songs, each arrangement fresh and absorbing, without obscuring the personal root of each lyric.

Tiny Ruins undertook the long flight from New Zealand earlier in the week, with their new UK tour about to kick off.

One of the most travelled bands around, we caught up with singer Hollie Fullbrook for Good Trip, Bad Trip.

- - -

- - -

Best Trip…

Probably the last European tour we did in 2018. We had finally got to the level where our shows were selling out and we played the awesome End of the Road festival’s Garden Stage.

Tom Healy, our electric guitarist and producer of 'Olympic Girls' was also able to join us on tour for the first time. It was late summer and we really enjoyed all the shows and nothing went wrong (apart from missing a ferry).

Worst Trip…

When we missed another late night ferry on a previous tour. From England to Cork. We had to stay up until 3am for the next sailing. After a pint or two in the local pub, then a game or two of pool in an empty hall, things just turned grim and freezing cold and the sailing was brutal. I had to pull over the van the next day for a two-hour kip on the side of the road.

Favourite venue outside of New Zealand…

The Bandroom in the Yorkshire Moors.

We're surprisingly popular in…


Best / worst exotic food…

Zephyr Burger in London / some bad artificial cheese nachos in Berlin.

Most interesting individual you've met on tour…

A promoter who was also a heart surgeon, in Kilkenny, Ireland. He had a half-built mansion that we stayed in. It had an aorta-shaped staircase and a kitchen that had never been used.

Worst on tour injury…

A badly sprained foot on a beach in Barcelona, right before my first tour of Northern Spain. I performed the shows on crutches and had to be piggy-backed around by my tourmate Lieven.

Essential travel item…


Essential travel tip…

A ‘Humidiflyer' for long-haul flights. It’s a freaky looking mask that you wear which filters the air and leaves you a lot less dehydrated. So you look like the guy from Blue Velvet, but it’s worth it.

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- - -

'Olympics Girls' is out now. Catch Tiny Ruins at the following shows:

26 Bristol The Exchange
27 London Bush Hall
28 Manchester The Kings Arms
29 Glasgow The Hug & Pint

Photo Credit: Ebony Lamb

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