From the streets of Venice to the 'delights' of black pudding...

Lissie is an independent sort.

The singer recently tired of city life, so she sold up and bought a range in the western United States. Swapping music industry glitz for true grit, her real-life western tales seemed to spur something new in her songwriting.

New album 'My Wild West' is directly inspired by this - tales tall and true of ranch life, autobiographical vignettes delivered with no small degree of style and panache.

Lissie decided to drive herself during a recent tour across the United States, and she also ran the merch stall after each and every show.

Someone with a few tales for Good Trip, Bad Trip...

- - -

- - -

Best Trip...
When I was 20, I studied abroad in Paris for a semester. While there, I met this very Parisienne painter fella who was like 10 years older than me and we dated for four months. He took me to Venice for my 21st birthday and it was the most magical & romantic trip ever! He spoke Italian and knew all the local spots.

Worst Trip...
In recent memory, I was on tour in the UK and taking a train from Edinburgh to Manchester... what should've taken four hours? Took like 10 and I was so late to my sold out show! There wasn't a working toilet on the second train we got on and I nearly burst! I played it cool but inside I was full of bitter rage! Haha!

Our favourite foreign venue...
There's a really special outdoor venue & restaurant in this little town, Langesund, Norway called Wrightegaarden. They always treat us so well and in the summer Norway is super fun! Skinny dipping in fjords is a must!

We’re surprisingly popular in...
Norway! I can't sing their praises enough! I'm so grateful for my special relationship and reception in such a gorgeous country!

Best or worst exotic foodstuff...
I had no idea what black pudding was when I first travelled to the UK and had a proper English breakfast! That stuff is nasty! Haha! I guess if I'd grown up with it, I might like it?

Most interesting individual you've met on the road...
My friends used to joke that any time we'd go out, I was always talking to the weird old drunk man for like an hour in the corner. I tend to like to strike up conversations with the people on the edges, the beaten down, odd, adversity stricken characters. They’ve got stories and wisdom!

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident...
The first time we got to tour in a bus, I really thought I'd made it! Unfortunately we had an old nasty one that had black mould growing under the mattresses! I got a really bad chest infection and was holed up for five days in a hotel on antibiotics & steroids! We had to cancel our tour opening for the script, which was a great opportunity!

My essential travel item...
My iPad loaded with shows, red wine and face moisturiser.

My essential travel tip...
Go with the flow, getting stressed out won't change anything, in fact it'll make things worse! So embrace the chaos and setbacks!

- - -

'My Wild West' will be released on February 12th.

Catch Lissie at the following shows:

12 London HMV 363 Oxford Street in-store, 6pm
13 Oxford O2 Academy 2
14 Manchester HMV Manchester in-store, 6pm
15 London O2 Forum Kentish Town

10 Isle Of Wight Festival

21 - 24 Secret Garden Party Festival

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