Good Trip, Bad Trip: Craig Finn

From beer prompted bruising to backstage encounters with George Clinton...

Craig Finn is the songwriter's songwriter, an artist who work across a two decade period represents one of the most substantial canons in American rock music.

New album 'We All Want The Same Things' is out now on Partisan and it's a delight, the sound of a true artisan able to work without impediment.

Set to bring his Living Room tour to the UK, Craig Finn will literally play in fans' living rooms across the country in lieu of the standard touring schedule.

With that in mind, Clash invited Craig Finn to take part in our regular feature Good Trip, Bad Trip – touring tales exposed…

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Best Trip…
I think the best tour I’ve ever been on was Hold Steady / Drive by Truckers “Rock and Roll Means Well” tour in 2008. There was a great camaraderie among the bands and by that point I’d figured out how to pace myself so that I didn’t feel terrible all the time.

Worst Trip…
Once I drove to Chicago with some friends. We were going to stay with my friend’s brother. Right when we got there I met the brother who was super drunk and he threw a beer can at my head and didn’t miss. That was a drag. We stayed in a shady airport motel instead and I had a headache all weekend.

Our favourite foreign venue…
I think my favourite foreign venue was the Cockpit in Leeds but it closed so now I’d have to go with The Ramsgate Music Hall. Small but awesome.

We’re surprisingly popular in…
I’m not sure but someone told me that a number of people in Norwegian Parliament are fans of my old band Lifter Puller. That seems strange to me.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…
I haven’t tried Jellied Eels and I’m not going to either. Has to be up there.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
When we were on tour with Drive By Truckers, George Clinton walked in during soundcheck. He talked for a while and invited us to his house after the show. We went there and it was kind of strange. I’m not 100% sure he remembered inviting us and why we were there.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
Food poisoning in Cincinnati a long time ago. That is a terrible affliction for a singer/performer. I was throwing up right before we went on stage, between show and encore, after the show. But not during the show as performance gods must have been smiling down on me. Barely.

My essential travel item…
An Amazon Kindle. Reading allows you to escape the monotony of touring and books are really heavy. The Kindle isn’t super romantic but it’s a great thing for a touring musician.

My essential travel tip…
Hydrate. You literally can’t be drinking enough water. Four litres a day is a good start. You’ll have to piss a lot but you’ll feel a lot better.

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Craig Finn’s new album 'We All Want The Same Things' is out now on Partisan Records. Catch the songwriter on his Living Room tour:

16 Ramsgate Music Hall (venue show)
17 Bungay
18 Letchworth Garden City
19 London Courtyard (venue show – sold out)
20 Nottingham
21 Liverpool
22 London
23 Glasgow
24 Edinburgh
25 Manchester

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