Good Trip, Bad Trip: Aidan Knight

Ancient churches and salad delights...

Aidan Knight is used to travelling.

Growing up in the Canadian city of Victoria, the aspiring songwriter knew that if he wanted his music to be heard, then he needed to play live – and if he wanted to play live, that meant covering great distances.

New album 'Each Other' is partially inspired by these long travels. Gorgeous alt folk with a fragrant, breezy, strangely Californian feel, the record is Aidan's strongest statement yet.

Out on January 22nd via Full Time Hobby, the record will be accompanied by a string of tour dates. With this in mind, Clash sat down with Aidan Knight for the latest instalment of Good Trip, Bad Trip.

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Best Trip…
First time we came across to Germany and the UK. What a humbling experience to land in Nuremberg and see a building, any building, older than your whole country. I walked inside a church built in 1255. That was a trip.

Worst Trip…
We flipped two vans, in two consecutive years in Canada. Winter driving hasn't been kind to us. Hence, all the travel over here. We love touring over here.

Your favourite foreign venue…
I think we're still quite young, quite green in terms of touring here but Paradiso in Amsterdam was a highlight. I'm looking forward to Ancienne Belgique and The Roundhouse in London. Had a great time in New York at The Bowery Ballroom.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…
We just moved to Berlin and I might eat at Rissani every day. Great Turkish food. Masters of the chickpea. I love this thing called Maultaschen in Germany too. Translated into English: Mouth Bag. We've eaten wild game in Austria, and wild boar in France and both were wonderful. Worst food was Full English at this seniors buffet near the Chunnel. It aged me.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
Longevity John from Duncan, BC Canada. Venue operator, inventor, woodcarver, sculptor, nose flute collector. He used to greet you with a school bus full of dogs. 40-50 little white dogs would run out of a school bus parked behind the venue. Takes my breath away just thinking about it now.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
See, vans.

My essential travel item…
Toothbrush and a can-do attitude. No one wants a dark cloud sitting next to them on the bus, especially one with periodontal disease.

My essential travel tip…
Eat somewhere you didn't plan to. Don't stick to your plan. I mean, yeah, search out the best places on the internet, but also be open to the hidden alleys, the rough spots, and the places with diners who don't look just like you. Oh, and eat a salad. You never know when the next salad is.

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Catch Aidan Knight live (alongside Villagers) at the following shows:

7 Birmingham Glee Club
8 Oxford O2 Academy 2
10 Bath Komedia
11 London St John at Hackney Church
12 Brighton St George’s Church
13 Ashford St Mary’s Church

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