Get To Know Griff, Pop’s Most Switched-On Newcomer

Her single 'Good Stuff' is cracking the Top 40...

With a perfect blend of sharp lyricism, minimal beats and exquisitely braided vocals, Griff is at the forefront of a new wave of pop music. Far more than a singer-songwriter, the 18-year-old has constructed every aspect of her developing empire herself, from producing and art-directing, to sewing her own costumes from curtains.

Her music, still blossoming, captures the issues of her generation, with track ‘Mirror Talk’ contending with self-perception, and ‘Good Stuff’ exploring how hard it is to say goodbye to the kids her family fostered growing up.

In the run up to her upcoming EP later this year, and in celebration of ‘Good Stuff’ making its way onto the Top 40, we had the chance to catch up with Griff to get to know her game plan.

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How important do you think pop music is in today’s social climate?

On one hand, I think popular music has always been so powerful in bringing people together, and in the midst of a pandemic, I think it offers a nice distraction and sense of escape for people, but at the same time I can't help but feel like pop songs are quite an insignificant part of life when people are dying and were probably gonna enter a deep recession.

What was it like self-producing tracks for your upcoming EP? Was it a rewarding experience? What sorts of challenges did you run into?

I can’t lie, it was super rewarding seeing the credits and knowing that most of it was 100% me. I think it feels quite empowering to know that as a young girl, I don’t necessarily always need to rely on a producer or other writers to make the songs I want to make. 

It didn't feel that challenging either because they were songs that I had just written in my spare time, without even knowing that one day they would be on an EP and be officially released.  You started out creating your music in your bedroom.

How do you feel about transitioning into a studio, either now, or in the future? What do you prefer?

It changes. I always find writing at home brings out the most authentic Griff-sounding stuff, but I’ve written plenty of songs that I love in proper studios, and I love writing with other producers and writers, so I think it just depends sometimes on what kind of songs I want to write.

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How was it taking a more stripped-back approach for ‘Good Stuff’ which you performed live for your Blogotheque session?

Yeah, I was apprehensive with ‘Good Stuff’, if I’m honest. I think I worried if a piano ballad wasn't that interesting for people to listen to, but it’s been my most successful song yet, so it’s been great.

And it’s also amazing to perform live, like with the Blogotheque session, I feel like I can really get out all the emotion of the song when I do perform it. You designed and made your own outfit for the live session, as well as the artwork.

How important do you think it is for the worlds of fashion and music to collide?

I just make random pieces because I find it’s a fun pass time, but I think it has been so important for me to try and create a different look to what a lot of other pop acts are doing right now. 

What can we expect from your upcoming music? 

The next ones are gonna have more tempo to them! So if you've cried to 'Good Stuff', you can look forward to a bit more of a bop in my next songs.

What themes and stories will you be telling, and why are these important to tell now?

I think I always try to write from a sense of hope. Even if the song is about heartbreak, I like to try and make the sounds more major and happy, just because it’s nice to listen to music and feel uplifted.

 Hopefully people feel uplifted with the new music, especially because it feels like the world is falling apart.

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'Good Stuff' is out now.

Words: Sophie Walker

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