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Garden City Movement

There's a commonly used quote from Elvis Costello which holds: “Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”

Well, Tel Aviv based Garden City Movement may not dance about architecture, but they are definitely inspired by the spaces they occupy.

Taking their name from a movement in city planning, the trio evolved out of the much loved project Lorena B.

Fluid, flexible electronics with a dynamic sense of emotion, new EP 'Modern West' finds the three piece continuing to evolve.

Out now, it's a gorgeous, supple return which continually bristles with a rare sense of invention. Entranced, Clash invited Garden City Movement to give our readers a short guide to their new EP.

Sending back their responses, the group couldn't resist offering a little content and guided us through their home city of Tel Aviv.

- - -

"It always surprises us how much interest journalists find in the city we live in, asking about the music/nightlife scene, tips on where to go, etc. Tel Aviv is a really nice city, multi cultural to the extreme that's mixed into a Mediterranean vibe. People here are still creating the identity of the place as they go. The term, the 'State Of Tel Aviv' though, is said as a joke but is a true reality for us as we live in a city that has its own unwritten rules."

"What makes Tel Aviv special is its development, it's all still very small. When we look at the scene we're part of, you can see it stretch over many musical genres and cultural aspects, compared to other cities where each scene stands on it's own."

"The people who take part in our culture do everything and in every way. For example they can own a bar, produce events, manage other musicians and be musicians themselves. The positive side of this is that you have the opportunity to experience many sides of the whole package and a healthy and developing cultural scene."

"Though people look to other places abroad and search for new things, the vibe here is always to remain attentive to the past. Records and influences from other places are not so far from the place we are now."

"People came to Israel from all over the world so different cultures have been merged together. People brought music from Morocco and it was mixed with people who brought their culture from Poland, etc. Mixing is the name of the game - taking all your influences from all the different cultures that were brought here - to keep your heart and ears open for all of this."

Modern West
It's about being in a relationship with a someone who's trying to be all arty and sophisticated, who wants all of the people in the scene to like him/ her. This causes the other person in the relationship to be pushed aside, when they are being supportive. It's a nasty situation that happens quite a lot.

When We Had It Easy
The result of working in a cabin in the woods for a couple of days and experimenting with a Tascam 424 four track.

My Only Love
This track has been a long way with us, and became relevant once the weird vocal sample was created. The lyrics reference means a lot to us, way more than the average love–hate thing. Dig in.

Imagine you wake up from a weird dream about someone from your long gone past and it feels so real that you feel depressed when you wake up. When this sticks with you for more than a week you're in trouble. With this track we went as far as we could with minimalism. The result wasn't so minimal, yet preserved an eerie and unique atmosphere.

Sorting Things Out
We pushed this track into the EP at the last second. It was actually a draft from the first EP sessions and floated up again, somehow. The track line says a lot about life if you think about it: 'Nothing Like A Little Disaster For Sorting Things Out'.

- - -

'Modern West' is out now.

Catch Garden City Movement at the following shows:

14 Brighton The Great Escape (The Mesmerist)
16 Copenhagen Haust
19 London Electrowerks
23 Liverpool Sound City The North Stage
28 - 29 Primavera Sound

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