Frightened Rabbit Review The Singles

With cuts from Peace, Braids and Depeche Mode…

For this week’s batch of new singles, we could think of only one suitable reviewing candidate: namely, Scott Hutchison of entirely splendid Scottish indie-rock sorts, Frightened Rabbit.

The band’s most-recent album, ‘Pedestrian Verse’ (reviewed), did ever so well for itself on release back in February 2013, peaking at nine on the UK albums chart. A new EP, ‘Late March, Death March’, is out now, the title track of which is lifted from the aforementioned long-player. Watch its video below, why not?

Also below: Scott’s own words on some of the songs hitting shelves – well, sort of – on Monday, June 10th. If misery loves company, the man’s about to win many more friends.

– – –

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Depeche Mode – ‘Soothe My Soul’

I have never been a fan of Depeche Mode, and this song hasn't changed that. Much like The Smiths, they're one of those bands whose influence and importance I can appreciate and understand, but I just don't like the music very much. As far as I can tell, Dave Gahan's planning on coming 'round your house so you can help him to salve some sort of burning sensation he is suffering from. I've got a yoghurt in the fridge which may help with the acid indigestion, Dave. Eat it and get the f*ck out.

– – –

Peace – ‘Lovesick’

Somebody's been listening to The Cure. It's not a bad song, it's just so derivative. I mean, I don't mind nicking ideas, that's kind of essential in this ol' game, but this one should have Robert Smith's lawyers twitching. There are a lot of teenagers who haven't a f*cking clue who The Cure are, so this'll be quite thrilling for them, I should imagine.

– – –

Bring Me The Horizon – ‘Go To Hell, For Heaven's Sake’

I haven't listened yet, but that's a right clever bit of wordplay in the title there, chaps. Well done. Well bloody done. Oh, f*cksake, I just pressed play. I don't think I know how to judge this music; I can imagine the haircuts. It's so thin sounding. The guitars are really f*cking watery which, is weird because it's supposed to be heavy, aye?  Pish. 

– – –

Braids – ‘Amends’

Andy (Monaghan) from our band would be into this. It's like a less-scary version of The Knife, or Fever Ray. I enjoy the way it starts off very paranoiac and claustrophobic and slowly starts to open up into something quite beautiful. I'd be interested to see if this sound can stay interesting over the course of a full record, but I'm a fan of this song in itself.

– – –

Travis – ‘Where You Stand’

Even Travis look a bit bored of all this in the video. It's a polite song, which doesn't do a great deal for me and doesn't do much to advance the sound they've been sitting comfortably with for the past decade. Not terrible, but it might have been better if it was…

– – –

London Grammar – ‘Wasting My Young Years’

This reminds me a bit of Florence the belter, only a little (actually, a lot) more restrained. She's got a nice voice and it's well produced I suppose, but part of me wants this to break into a mega trance banger. Then I'd get that sense of her genuinely wasting her young years, smoking full-fat Bensons in the passenger seat of a souped-up Corsa. Needs more BANG, mate.

– – –

Kodaline – ‘Love Like This’

I think they've got better songs than this, and personally I'd have told the harmonica player to sit this one out, but it's a solid tune. Fits right in with The Lumineers, Of Monsters And Men type stuff which is doing rather well just now, so this'll probably be very popular with that crowd. Best o' luck to them.

– – –

Wiley feat. Angel & Tinchy Stryder – ‘Lights On’

Thing is, the DJ isn't usually in control of the lighting rig, so there's a fundamental flaw in the chorus there. I'd also love to see the singer chatting up a girl with the line, “You don't know my name, but me and you bleed exactly the same.” Again, flawed on a couple of levels. I've actually enjoyed some of Wiley's stuff in the past and he's a clever lyricist at times, but this seems like a brazen attempt at a basic, brain-dead summer club hit. It's probably already just that.

– – –

Frightened Rabbit are playing a variety of festivals, and play the cavernous room that is Brixton Academy on November 8th. Head to the band’s website for more details. 

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