It's a track by track guide...

FRENSHIP are aptly named.

A project that unites two distinctly different musicians, the pair craft an absorbing alt-pop vision that is shot through with lucid electronics.

The duo's rounded, nuanced debut album 'Vacation' is out now, and it's a cracking listen, so vibrant and yet also enriching.

Dan Smith from Bastille makes a guest appearance, and it should - if there is any justice - take the duo to the next level.

Here, FRENSHIP break down their debut album for Clash...

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'Holding God'

James: This is my secular attempt to find something spiritual in normal, everyday life. It also taps in the idea of LA with the 'Hollywood steps' line.

Brett: I think this intro sets a tone of humility and perspective for the album, that life is far bigger than anyone or anything in it.

'Remind You'

James: This song is about someone I love; she kept asking me if I was ever going to leave her. It’s a response to that question and my best effort to reassure her I didn’t have plans of leaving.


Brett: We wrote this on a rare rainy day in LA. It was refreshing and made us feel relief from the monotony of LA all the while leaving us to crave more of the world outside of the one we were in.

'Anywhere But Here'

James: This one is about LA not truly feeling like home. I picture getting in a car at night and driving north.

'Wanted A Name'

Brett: We wrote this after our first National headline tour. When you’re on the road you get a real interaction with people who are fans of your music. It’s easy to feel loved/appreciated, when you come off the road or are away from that its easy to wonder if you’ll ever feel that again. While we wrote this about this topic specifically, we were aware of the broadness of the idea and how applicable it could be in other areas of our lives.

'Get Out My Way'

James: This was written during a moment where I felt like I sucked at music and my career was doomed. I was worried about the future and didn’t want to drag down anyone around me, specifically the person I love. I could almost see myself falling apart in the future and for a moment it felt easier to just up and leave.

'Wide Open'

James: When we wrote this I was thinking of my fiancé while she was on a horseback riding trip in Montana. She felt at home there and said she could see herself quitting her job and moving there to ride all day. This song is a response to that idea. If she needed to do that to be happy, I would get behind it. The older I get, the more I grasp the concept of giving space to someone you love. It’s super cliche, but the song is about being able to allow that person the freedom to do whatever their life calls for, despite wanting them around.

'Keep You Close'

Brett: I wrote this knowing that I loved the girl I was(and am still) with and what that means for any other possibility for love outside of our relationship. The song is written about someone I found chemistry with but couldn't practice the “biology” with (for lack of a better term) given that I had (and still have) a girlfriend. As well as our selfish desire to hold onto those people we have connection with. James: This last sentence really nails it on the head for me. I held on to my ex or the idea of her for a very long time, probably to the detriment of myself and her.

'Run II U'

Brett: While we were working on our album up in Ojai, our girlfriends would come and visit us from time to time. I wrote this about an hour after I dropped mine off at the train station to say goodbye. It’s in those moments when it becomes clear what someone really means to you.

'Won’t Let You Go'

Brett: Bunch of nonsense about holding on to someone…a bit of an homage to the movie Cliffhanger perhaps? Really the verses acknowledge the “bull-shit” side of being in a relationship while hopefully the chorus connects to the idea that despite it all, “you and this relationship are all worth the fight to me”.

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'Vacation' is out now.

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