Foundations: Slow Hollows

Vital albums that shaped their imagination...

Slow Hollows seem to drift effortlessly past genre lines.

Moving from effervescent psych-pop through to raw confessional songwriting via beats culture and more, the four-piece seem to embrace post-genre landscapes as their starting point.

New album 'Actors' is out now, and it's a special listen; songwriting defined by a resolute commitment to melody, guests range from Tyler the Creator – who produced one song – to Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor.

The four-piece sluice together all kinds of cultural currents, finding full expression in Austin Anderson's sonorous vocal.

Clash linked with the frontman to explore his Foundations – the albums that truly matter…

– – –

Jon Brion – 'Meaningless'

This album was apparently never officially released. From what I've heard, it seems like this was meant to be a major label debut… but it never got to see the 'light of day'. You can find all the songs online and Jon still plays all of them live regularly at Largo.

This album influenced my overall outlook on life almost more than it did in any sonic capacity. I will always believe everything he sings. He can't write a bad song.

– – –

Elliott Smith – 'XO'

'XO' isn't my go-to, but when an album is given to you as a gift at a young age and you're told to "just listen…" it will leave some permanent mark on you.

'Independence Day' is one of my favourite songs of all time.

– – –

The Velvet Underground and Nico – 'The Velvet Underground And Nico'

I remember hearing 'Heroin' for the first time when i was still in middle school and it made me feel like I had uncovered some cultured insane underbelly that nobody else was aware of.

I remember some kid who wore a Subhumans shirt to school every day cornering me and asking what my favourite VU song was (I was wearing the banana shirt) and I threw three songs in his face. It made me feel cool.

– – – 


Tom Petty – 'Wildflowers'

I usually don't have a patience for rock 'n' roll music that follows similar traits, but being form Los Angeles softened Tom Petty for me.

It makes me happy to be alive when I hear his songs. I got to see one of his last shows with my mom who is also from Los Angeles, so his music is now very special to me.

I'm still new on the train but his music feels like it was made by a family member.

– – –

Thom Yorke – 'Tomorrow's Modern Boxes'

I have very fond memories of listening to this album in the winter time in Los Angeles when a family member was sick. I'd listen in full driving back and forth from the hospital. Some of the most beautiful sounds you can find on Earth are in this album.

– – –

'Actors' is out now.

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