Foundations: Overcoats

A glimpse of the Brooklyn duo's musical roots...

Brooklyn duo Overcoats are doing it their own way.

A project rooted in trust, their striking pop vision is defined by an ability to exist without the rules.

Recent single 'Fire & Fury' was a real mission statement, while the pair's EP 'The Fool' remains a firm fan favourite.

New album 'The Fight' then, comes with a high degree of expectation. A 10 song battle cry that utilises restrained, minimalist, but hugely striking creativity, it's a wonderful aural experience.

“The idea you have to fight for who you are, what you want, and what you hope to see in the world became poignant for us,” says Overcoats. “We realised the thing to do is not to wait for life to get easier, but to start fighting harder.”

Out now, the limited edition version of 'The Fight' comes equipped with a 10-card custom Overcoats tarot deck – Clash visited Overcoats for a reading…

– – –

Madonna – 'Music' (2000)

This record came out when we were eight years old. My dad bought the CD for me at an airport and I used to play it on my boombox and learned every song by heart. Nowadays, when we listen to the album, driving in the tour van etc…we’re always reminded of how incredible the disco beats, synth lines, and autotune vocals are.

Hana and I discovered that we both knew most of the songs on the album one night when I randomly put it on our “late night driving with Hunu and JuJu" Spotify playlist… a set of songs we reserve for those 2am drives when i have to keep her awake while she drives us home from the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania after a show.

– – –

Feist – 'Pleasure' (2017)

This album is so unique. It’s a whispered confessional from Feist to her listeners. The production is unexpected but perfect. It’s not trying to be a pop album, but somehow the songs are lodged in your brain for weeks.

This album soothed us in the months following the release of our debut album and the stresses that accompanied putting out our first body of work. We were both so anxious and overwhelmed by the process and listening Feist’s album was the medicine we needed.

I remember we both bought 'Pleasure' on vinyl in a record store somewhere on tour in the midwest.

– – –

Bruce Springsteen – 'Nebraska' (1982)

This album is not one of Springsteen's most popular, but it's one we both really connect with. Atlantic City is a place that I (Hana) grew up going to every summer, and I love how melancholy that song is.

This album really encapsulates the kind of lyric writing that we love – poignant but so simple. Also love that this album was recorded on a four-track – it shows you can create magic with very little.

We try to keep that in mind even as we add more electronics and pop production to our music.

– – –

Sylvan Esso – 'Sylvan Esso' (2015)

This album came out our senior year of college, and we listened to it all the time. 'Hey Mami' was one of our favourites to blast in the car when we would drive from our university to New York City on the weekends to record.

Amelia's folky voice combined with gritty electronics was so inspiring – they mix genres so effortlessly. We also went to see a Sylvan Esso concert for Hana's birthday.

We're honoured to share the same label now!

– – –

The Staves – 'If I Was' (2015)

This album also came out our senior year of college. The way The Staves sing harmonies is otherworldly. We used to sing 'Let Me Down' every time we went into an echo-y room together. It's the most beautiful song ever.

We are honestly deeply, embarrassingly, obsessed with The Staves. I think if JJ met them she would pass out.

– – –

Overcoats' new album 'The Fight' is out now.

Photo Credit: Chloe Le Drezen

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