Foundations: Kings Elliot

Foundations: Kings Elliot

Digging into her musical bedrock...

Attempting to pin down London-via-Switzerland pop riser Kings Elliot is like trying to catch hold of a cloud.

A free-wandering creative spirit, her rebel pop stance pulls from several different genres, without being beholden to any particular pigeon-hole.

New EP 'Chaos In My Court' is a blueprint for a fresh kind of pop music, with her outsider spirit fuelling this mosaic of lavish colour.

As she puts it: “Chaos has been ever present in my life, I’ve never known how to function differently. The songs on this EP form a world I’ve always dreamed of creating for my own escape, and now anyone who needs it can join me there too.”

Clash caught up with Kings Elliot to dig into her musical bedrock for Foundations.

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King Princess - 'Cheap Queen'

King Princess is one of those artists that picks you up and swoops you right into their world. I absolutely love her songwriting, her production, her voice, the things she sings about, her image. Everything. Plus she has “King” in her name. I was a big fan of her debut EP, but when 'Cheap Queen' came out I was just floored by how cohesive it felt and how hard it went.

No one else does what she does, and it was so refreshing and empowering to see the types of choices she made and “risks” she took. It’s a new album but it’s already a classic for me.

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Banks - 'Goddess'

The title says it all for me. As far as I’m concerned, Banks is a Goddess. Full stop. I discovered her when I first moved to London and immediately felt so connected to her. The songs on that album are so beautifully crafted, the lyrics so poetic and the production so sharp. It absolutely blew me away! I’ve seen her live multiple times and loved it every time.

It’s an album I’ve revisited over the years since it came out and I discover new things in it everytime, which is something I genuinely hope people can say about my records and something I took away from everything Banks has done - making the music mutli-dimensional enough to never let the listener feel like they know everything.

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Frank Sinatra - ‘In The Wee Small Hours’

Frank Sinatra is an absolute legend. An icon.

I’m completely obsessed with music from the 1950s. From the time I first discovered the music of that era it’s been a constant in my life and extremely inspiring to my own process of creating music. This album, with songs like 'I Get Along Without You Very Well', and 'Glad To Be Unhappy' sets such a perfect mood: it’s melancholic, and magical and soothing all at once.

If there was ever an album I’d want to cover beginning to end, it would be this one.

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Yungblud - 'fleabag'

I completely fell in love with Yungblud’s sound and personality from the very first time I heard him. He’s definitely the outlier on this list, but I have so much respect for people who try to challenge the status quo from the platform of popular music.

I love seeing a globally rising pop/rock artist do everything he can to provide a safe space for his fans to be themselves and to encourage acceptance. And it never feels preachy. I’m also a sucker for a record I can turn up load and scream along to.

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Bon Iver - '22, A Million'

This album completely blew my mind. I could write an entire essay about it but I think it all boils down to the atmosphere it summons when you press play on it. It’s an album I wish I could live inside of.

Justin Vernon is a genius when it comes to soundscapes. I think a lot about visuals when I make music and often daydream about getting to be responsible for the music in a film, especially an animated one, and when I listen to this album I feel like I should be watching it. I picture it being some sort of epic dystopian sci-fi soundtrack.

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Kings Elliot's debut EP ‘Chaos In My Court’ is out now.

Photo Credit: Karolina Wielocha

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