Foundations: Kevin Krauter

The albums that really made a difference...

For Indiana's Kevin Krauter the past few years have been a process of uncovering truths.

Peeling off layers of psychological dirt, he's become more in tune with himself, learning to accept aspects of his psyche he once felt forced to hide.

New album 'Full Hand' tackles this process and more, with Krauter's artistry brimming with depth, while never becoming over-awed by feeling.

“A lot of the lyrics touch on how I was raised religiously, touch on me understanding my sexuality more and more in recent years,” he comments, “just growing up and becoming more confident in myself… that process of looking inward and taking stock of myself.”

Out now, 'Full Hand' is a remarkably honest record. Clash caught up with Kevin Krauter to chat about his Foundations – the albums that truly made a difference…

– – –

Stereolab – 'Dots And Loops'

I want to start off by saying this list has no particular order of importance except for maybe this first one.

This might be my favorite album? Who really knows? But this is the first to come to mind anytime someone asks me.

The first time I heard this album my world turned upside-down. It’s become a constant reference point for almost all music I’ve made since.

– – –

Yo La Tengo – 'And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out'

Hard to pick between this one and 'I Can Feel The Heart Beating As One' but ultimately this one feels a little more precious to me. Some of the most delicate and profound songs I’ve ever heard are on this album. A random lyric from one of the songs will just pop in my head out of nowhere and wreck me for like five minutes.

This band has informed my songwriting more than anyone else, I think.

– – –

Switchfoot – 'The Beautiful Letdown'

Grew up on this shit heavily.

I don’t listen to it anymore but for some reason every riff I write lately sounds like something off this album and I kinda fuck with it so I figured I’d throw it in there.

– – –

My Bloody Valentine – 'Loveless'

Gotta be real I was so late to the game on this album when all my friends were getting into this and other shoegaze bands.

Music heads may call me pedestrian for it but amidst my ongoing journey through any and all things shoegaze this remains the one album that has stood the test of time/my attention span the most.

– – –

The Clientele – 'Suburban Light'

Absolutely beautiful songwriting throughout this entire album. I come back to it every year around fall/winter and it never fails to lift my spirit.

I love the production quality of this album just as much as the music itself. You can hear the tape hiss cut in and out every time the vocals come in and it makes me really happy haha! 

– – –

'Full Hand' is out now on Bayonet Records.

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