Foundations: DoomCannon

The bedrock of his musical vision...

DoomCannon’s long-in-the-works debut album ‘Renaissance’ thrives on a thirst for freedom, on a desire to escape genre categories and work from a blank slate.

Out now via Brownswood, it’s an emphatic document, with a raft of collaborators aiding DoomCannon’s central vision. A statement about Blackness in the UK, ‘Renaissance’ is innately personal, an enriching work of all-too-rare complexity.

Yet it’s also completely open. An aural cosmos where influences are allowed to gestate and enmesh, ‘Renaissance’ is filled with varying pathways, each taking you down a fascinating journey.

With his debut album now out, DoomCannon spoke to Clash about his Foundations, the albums that truly matter.

D’Angelo – Black Messiah

Foundations: DoomCannon

Even though this is first on my list, I actually really didn’t take to it on first listen, however I think my take on this record grew as I did.

Every time I listen to it I find something incredible whether it’s Pino’s playing or the mixing. The opening song actually inspired the opening song of my record ‘Dark Ages’.

The intensity, grit and overall power of this record makes it easily one of my favourite D’Angelo records, and records full stop.

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers

Foundations: DoomCannon

Fellow Gemini Kendrick! Like ‘Black Messiah’ this one took a while for me to really get into it and boy when it hit. It. Hit. 

The emotional vulnerability and courage on this track I admire tenfold. I wish to be able to express myself with such grace one day, this whole record is poetry. Even though it’s only been out for a few months, this record has a special place in my life.

The last song ‘Mirror’ steals the show for me, along with the outstanding ‘Auntie Diaries’.

The Hoosiers – The Trick To Life

Foundations: DoomCannon

This one may throw a few people, however, this record is actually one I don’t think I’ll be able to live without.

Every single song on this record for me is absolutely beautiful, the sonics and writing. I don’t know how a 12 year old boy from Peckham got ahold of this record but boy, there is some nostalgia and comfort in these sounds.

Some people may know The Hoosiers from their well known song ‘Goodbye Mr A’, but that song is just the tip of the iceberg from these guys. I would strongly recommend this record.

Marvin Gaye – When I’m Alone I Cry

Foundations: DoomCannon

Marvin Marvin Marvin.

It would’ve been so easy to put ‘I Want You’ on this list, however ‘When I’m Alone I Cry’ is just such a beautiful record. And can we all please just appreciate the beautiful album cover.

Here I see Marvin at his most vulnerable, whilst backed by a luxurious orchestra with the most beautiful orchestra. ‘I’ve Grown Accustomed To Her Face’ speaks to me on so many levels! Maybe because it speaks to the inner sweet boy inside of me, and also my inner arranger.

Lovers of Marvin need to check this one out.

Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again

Foundations: DoomCannon


My first introduction to Michael Kiwanuka was Jools Holland around the age of 13 and boy, he’s been constant in my life, so you can only imagine my excitement when Celeste supported him on his EU run.
This whole record just feels like a warm blanket that I always reach for, especially ‘I Won’t Lie’, it all speaks to me as a new Bill Withers. So powerful, beautiful, emotional and I will always have it in my catalogue.

Hearing a few of these songs live will forever stick with me. 

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