22 - Sep 07

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Foo Fighters Let there be Foo!

The Foo Fighters continue to go from strength to strength and are still the world’s premier rock band, providing the ultimate experience you can rely on to explode your senses.

Deborah Harry Living with the curse of Blondie

The door of the hotel suite opens, and in walks the most iconic woman in music – the inimitable punk goddess with the steely blue eyes and the razor sharp cheekbones.

Underworld The duo's journey from failures to 'Oblivion'

Their latest album, ‘Oblivion With Bells’, is their eighth physically released long-player and just the next stage in this band’s metamorphic and deep journey. It’s peppered with Hyde’s trademarked.

The Coral The Fruitful scousers discover their Roots

Gaggles of laughter ruminate and gather momentum as a handful of dimple-grinned boys stand and marvel at the peculiar sight of a young woman perched directly in front.

Modeselektor Devilish beats from Berlin's fallen angels

Modeselektor, AKA Gernod and Zsary, however have had enough. These are two men who are sick of all the rhythmic doctrinaires and their own craving for the ever-changing beat has led them down an impressively mutated musical path.

The Hives The Swedes are back - Prepare yourselves!

It’s late July and the self-proclaimed purveyors of ‘real rock and roll’ The Hives are well into the festival season – they’ve clocked up 15 shows so far.

Cajun Dance Party Never too young to rock

Whatever the terminology, Cajun Dance Party definitely have it. The youthful North London quintet have enjoyed a rise that can confidently be described as meteoric, even in the modern indie climate.

Album Spotlight

Prince - Sign 'O' the Times

There are few right minded music lovers who would deny his genius.

Personality Clash

Jakobinarina Vs Mugison

Jakobinarina come from the ’burbs, which in Hafnarfjordur, a few kilometres outside Reykjavik, is pretty much like the ’burbs anywhere else in the Western world. Mugison is Iceland’s oddball musical genius and heir to his nation’s musical kingdom - if he keeps spinning his melodic yarns as tightly as his previous two LPs have demonstrated.

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  • ELECTRIC SELECTION with Mum, Bola, Michael Fakesch and The Orb
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  • WRITE ON Richard Hawley
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