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Your Free Downloads

Below are five songs for you to download, stick on your iPod, and enjoy in the Summer sunshine. With tracks from Hadouken, We Have Band, Sunshine Underground and, Supergrasss side project, The Hot Rats, there's something for everyone.

The Hot Rats - Big Sky

We Have Band - Honeytrap

Sunshine Underground - In Your Arms

Hadouken - Turn The Lights Out

Hadouken - Mic Check (L’amour La Morgue Edition)


As an added bonus, you can still download our last batch of free songs too!

Noah and the Whale - Blues Skies (YACHT remix)

Paul White - Alien Nature

Grizzly Bear - Cheerleader

Nathan Fake - Narrier

Dananananykroyd - Black Wax

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As well as downloading our bang up to date recommendations for 2010, you can also enjoy our previous playlist 'The Very Best Of 2009' in the player below.

Listen in while you read about each of the contributing bands below.

- - -

The Hot Rats – Big Sky

What do you get when you take two-thirds of Supergrass, a world-renowned Radiohead producer, two spare weeks, a plethora of fine wines and a selection of your all time favourite songs? It’s simple. You’d get some good times courtesy of The Hot Rats. Their debut album ‘Turn Ons’ - Danny Goffey, Gaz Coombes and Nigel Godrich’s extra curricular project - takes the form of twelve outstanding songs, each covered with a contemporary twist by a contemporary band, and it only took two weeks to record..

- - -

We Have Band – Honeytrap

Have band will travel. A long fucking way, if WHB’s blitzkrieg tour schedule is to be believed. It runs beside the trio’s debut album, out this month, which is coloured with carefree sexuality and nu-disco synth references that span from ESG, LCD Soundsystem to Charlotte Gainsbourg. The band produced their album WHB unsigned, preferring to define their own tours and production values. They have done a pretty damn decent job of it, touring Russia, SXSW and even Dubai. They won Glastonbury’s Emerging Talent Competition, which propelled them, unsigned, to the main stage, and into the production house of Gareth Jones [Depeche Mode] who arranged their album.

- - -

Sunshine Underground – Honeytrap

Bursting onto the scene back in 2006 with their debut album ‘Raise The Alarm’, The Sunshine Underground are like a fever you actually want to catch. Formed in Leeds via Shrewsbury, the band have since sold out headline tours and supported the likes of LCD Soundsystem and Black Grape. Now, after three years spent touring and soaking up the plaudits from their debut, they’ve jumped back on the radar with their second album ‘Nobody’s Coming To Save You’ and are ready to dismiss the Nu Rave tag once and for all.

- - -

Hadouken – Turn The Lights Out / Mic Check

Hadouken! are one of Britain's most controversial acts. Daring to mix indie with grime, the resulting blend has sparked furious debate with some urban music fans accusing the band of diluting a fresh musical form. Debut album 'Music For An Accelerated Culture' split listeners, with some donning neon baseball caps and joining the band on tour. Now Hadouken are back with a UK tour and new album; 'For The Masses¹ has been released on their own Surface Noise Recordings and, as produced by drum and bass heavyweight Noisia, has seen them return to the fray with a more evolved darker sound.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Now read on for the lowdown on the artists featured in our 'The Very Best Of 2009' playlist

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- - -

Fuck Buttons – Surf Solar

Start as we mean to go on? FUCK YES. ‘Surf Solar’ murmurs an opening that’s like the terse call to war that it actually is. Fuck Buttons want to blister their white noise across our ear drums and then batter their post rave structures on top. Two guys standing in front of a table of incestuous wires is hardly the Flaming Lips, yet with such meditative depth and expansive lysergic sound who needs a stage show.

- - -

HEALTH – Die Slow

We apologise. Regulars of Clash will have noticed that this is the THIRD time we have given you ‘Die Slow’. That’s because we know some of you still haven’t ingested it and vomited rainbows. THIRD TIME LUCKY. This little colourful bitch should decimate fans of thrash, industrial, rave, house and everyone stranded in-between. Unique and one of the tracks of the year.

- - -

Phoenix – Girlfriend

Hello French boys. Phoenix can be ambiguous sometimes, yet this one lays down their gentle gauntlet bathed in sunshine. Fancy a holiday? Skip straight to track three. ‘Girlfriend’ sounds like the happy ‘its-coming-together-nicely’ bit of that film you watch with your bird that you really enjoy but would never speak about it on Monday, unless you were still drunk. Sniff.

- - -

Andrew Weatherall – Privately Electrified

What do you do after you’ve been lashed to the tiller of Britain’s dance scene for the last twenty years? Record your debut album that seductively cross-pollinates your own experience of disco, acid house, rock and roll, rockabilly and rose tinted rave. That’s what. Acid house goes Jackanory with the Godfather himself.

- - -

Fever Ray – Keep The Streets Empty For Me

Reclusive Scandanavians, eh? Fever Ray is essentially The Knife on a tribal come down full of blues. Don’t let that put you off though as Karin Dreijer Andersson weaves an incredible journey of lush electronics, insane programming and vocal tyextures to whisk you away to another world. It’s like Dungeons And Dragons but without that fucking unicorn getting lost all the time. Well worth the effort.

- - -

Lusine – Two Dots

Ghostly turned ten this year and justly so. The label that launched Dabrye, Matthew Dear and School Of Seven Bells also returned with Lusine, an alchemist of melody and crunchy percussion. This is timeless and could storm the charts anytime since Kraftwerk’s golden shower fertilised so many young minds. Sweeping and beautiful.

- - -

Moderat – Slow Match

Ruff dem fiya weed inda macka fo sho! Is Tikiman the slickest dancehall toaster ever? Are Modeselektor the rudest boys in bass? Can Apparat stretch out a sonic-scape wider than the River Clyde? Yes! Yes! YES! These are the reasons why Moderat are an essential pitstop for any bored set of lugs

- - -

The Dead Weather – Treat Me Like Your Mother (Diplo remix)

Did you know that Diplo has produced Rolo Tomassi’s new album? Or that he produced an xx song? Well here he gets his club paws all messy with Nashville blood and sweat as he takes Jack White and Alison Mosshart for a spin with the hood down. Partisan remixing from the best in the biz.

- - -

The Crocodiles – I Wanna Kill

Everyone all of a sudden wants to sound like The Cure again. Well, it’s Friday and we are in love with these guys. No Age flagged them up to public attention and they are now airborne with a drone rock manifesto that’s as much about Kevin Shields as it is about Can. And we love it when just two people make THIS much noise.

- - -

YACHT – Psychic City (Voodoo City)

DFA darlings, these two lovers are as much about concepts, art policy and revolutionising their lunch hour as they are about making pop songs that lodge in your head for weeks. And they are fucking great at all of those distractions. Listen to this three times then try and sing ANY song in the world. Not easy, especially whilst you grapple with their declaration of being Generalists. Oh, and they have replaced instruments with Powerpoint demonstrations. Cheeky.

- - -

Wild Beasts – Through The Iron Gate

Melodramatic. That’s one way of describing these Yorkshire lads. Assured, accomplished, pastoral, sinister, incisive and full o’ the swoon are several others to covet these chaps. Another dreamy jewel in the year’s crown and another fantastic release for the might Domino.

- - -

Hope Sandoval & The Warm Intentions – Blanchard

Aside from having a backing band whose name is complete genius, Hope Sandoval can rely on all her experience as the singer with Mazzy Star and collaborations with Chemical Brothers, Air, Jesus And Mary Chain and Massive Attack to continue her understated waltz into our hearts.

- - -

Woodpigeon – Knock Knock

Mark Hamilton (NB NOT Luke Skywalker) has had our Clash stereo jigging many an afternoon and, like the delightful End Of The Road peeps, we agree his folk songs are immense. The difference between us is that they signed them to their record label. We don’t have one but if we did he’d be on there…

- - -

Anathallo – The River

Cue huge climax to 2009. Here we are blazing out with a triptych of massive orchestral folk anthems with Anathallo getting the nod to bring down the curtain on another fine year in music. Here the Americans hammer out their keys, strings and battalion of kettle drums to lift Joynt’s vocals to a new dimension in scale and scope. Big stuff from this lovely little band of players.

- - -


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