Five Reasons You Need To Explore Toddla T, Runkus’ New Album ‘OUT:SIDE’

"Creativity without borders or restrictions...”

Toddla T is one of the UK’s top producers, someone who can flex across multiple genres.

As heart, though, he’s a dancehall kid, someone who grew up infatuated with the sounds of Jamaica. When not donning his Clarks and heading to a soundclash, though, he’s a studio boffin, someone with an expert ear for sound.

The perfect foil for Runkus, then. A modern-day hero in Jamaican music, his work crosses the barriers, continually seeking out new modes of expression. Completing a trilogy of releases, Runkus’ new album finds Toddla T at the controls, and the pair have crafted something a little special.

Out now, new album ‘OUT:SIDE’ relishes in creativity, with the soulful approach of Runkus married to Toddla T’s magpie-like instinct for new sounds.

Runkum explains…

“To say that I only do one or a few genres of music is limiting my scope. I was grown cultural, so that means, Rastafarian roots music, reggae, one drop, dancehall, all that is natural to Jamaica is second nature to I. However, I simply do music, not just reggae, not just dancehall, not just roots rock… I DO MUSIC! That is where all those genres form from, from nothing, from free creativity without borders or restrictions”.

Five Reasons You Need To Explore Toddla T, Runkus’ New Album ‘OUT:SIDE’
Runkus Cover Art Big Chune Single

Dive in below, then check out five reasons to absorb the project after the jump.

Toddla T and Runkus met six years ago in Jamaica, and have been creating music together ever since – bonding over their love of music and finding new ways to showcase their passion for reggae, dancehall and hip hop.

‘OUT:SIDE‘, is the final chapter in a trilogy body of work from Runkus (‘MOVE:IN’ and ‘IN:SIDE’) It’s an ode to the late great France Nooks, Runkus’s close friend, who is also featured on the final track ‘TAXI:ZION’. The record combines Runkus’ experience, vision and genius with Toddla’s ever evolving production and sound  – heavily influenced by his background in club culture, radio and Notting Hill Carnival. The pair come together to create this unique and uplifting body of work, perfectly timed for our hot hot summer!

The album hosts guest features from the likes of Chronixx, Ky-Mani Marley, Zenya and the late France Nooks. ‘OUT:SIDE’ provides a soundtrack for all the motions of a real life dance – from riddims for the ravers, to songs for the lovers, all whilst telling a story close to Runkus’ heart, this album has it all. 

Toddla and Runkus original started working together on a mixtape before it became an album. Toddla states: “…this then snowballed into an album, during the pandemic, when the idea of going ‘outside’ felt like a fantasy! Now we are back outside, it’s the perfect time to drop the project.”

The album is about more than the pandemic. It’s for those who fear the outside itself. Runkus states: “This is more than just a record for those who missed being outside due to the pandemic, it is for those who face a different pandemic, one of the fear of outside itself. Whether through insecurities or genuine fear for their lives, this cultural experience of a night out in the streets of Jamaica aims to liberate that fear and bring you a sense of solace, to Zion, within yourself.”

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