Fanfarlo Top Ten

Their secret love of black metal

Fanfarlo like to keep us on our toes.

After a handful of acclaimed singles released via some of the country’s top indie labels, Fanfarlo upped sticks and moved to the States to work on their debut album.

Returning with a work of breath-taking ambition, the band then shunned major label advances to release it themselves. Priced at a startlingly low $1 Fanfarlo recently justified the price by claiming that would be all they would make from each copy under a standard record contract.

Set to feature highly in those up coming ‘End Of Year’ polls, ClashMusic recently asked Fanfarlo musician Justin Finch to come up with his top ten tracks of the moment.

A man with somewhat eclectic tastes, the Fanfarlo star has returned with a list titled ‘Top Ten Tracks to stalk around a Norwegian Forest to’.

Containing a variety of extreme metal favourites alongside some innovative classical piano playing, this shows another quite unexpected side to one of the year’s indie rock breakthrough acts…

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Top Ten Tracks to stalk around a Norwegian Forest to:-

EMPEROR – In the Wordless Chamber
This song is pretty much the sound of horses running into battle. The horns bring a sort of hunt to mind.

ULVER – Capitel II: Soelen Gaaer Bag Aase Ned
Ulver’s early records are half medieval sounding folk and half Black Metal. Some of the tracks have the sound of footsteps in the forest as intros so pretty much perfect I think you’ll agree.

Ulver – Capitel II: Soelen Gaaer Bag Aase Ned

BURZUM – Det som en gang var
The originator of Atmospheric Black Metal. The Norweigan forest and the connected mythology inspired Varg Vikernes to help shape this musical genre. Later he sadly murdered his band mate in cold blood and was only recently released.

ERIK SATIE – Gnossienne, 1. Lent
Some eerie as hell piano work from my favorite Dadaist.

IMMORTAL – Beyond the North Waves
This tune is huge. Lyrical themes of norse warriors going into battle in the icey north. The outro to this is about as epic as it comes that bring mountains, fjords and forests to mind.

This band of radical enviromentalists for Olympia, WA all live on a farm and channel their energy from from mother nature to make their ‘Purifying Black Metal’. Beautiful stuff.

ERIK SATIE – Gnossienne, 3. Lent

BLUT AUS NORD – Disciples Libration (lost in the nine worlds)
French Avante Garde atmospheric black metal. Epic sounding melodies that would suit the grandness of a Norweigan forest.

ENSLAVED – Storre Enn Tid – Tyngre Enn Natt
Guitars that sound like a running stream and monk like chamber vocals.

ERIK SATIE – Gnossienne, 4. Lent
The 4th part of my favorite piano work by Satie. As an antidote the all the noisy black metal the simplicity of this would be welcomed.

ERIK SATIE – Gnossienne, 4. Lent

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