From their new EP...
Smoke and Jackal

At heart, both Kings of Leon and Mona thrive on honesty.

So any project uniting the two isn't exactly going to dissolve into superstar make believe. Jared Followill (Kings of Leon) and Nick Brown (Mona) paired off in Nashville recently, sitting up all night writing song after song.

The results are, typically, rooted in the genuine chemistry which exists between two close friends allowed to sit back, relax and make music. Using the name Smoke & Jackal, the duo are set to release debut offering 'EP1' on October 15th. It's rootsy - the material was laid down in Nashville, after all - but there's a playful experimentation on show which might surprise fans.

ClashMusic have been handed the stream of 'Roadside'. Opening with warm, Gospel influenced chords played on an old organ, the track soon picks up to become a driving, surging journey, re-casting an abandoned area of the South as a canvas for their own personal heartbreak.

It's a dark, moody recording - one that casts a Gothic atmosphere which lingers for long after the final chord departs from your stereo.

Listen to it below.

- - -

'EP1' is set to be released on October 15th.


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