Combatting second album syndrome

Lost: Simon Ward, Stephen Livingstone, Greg Paterson, James Hamilton
Last seen: Mainland Europe
Answer to: Errors

In the blizzard of tips, lists, decade round-ups and bold declarations that sees the music press snap out of its befuddled, post-festive fug, it’s often easy to let a few things slip under the radar. After all, and typically by February, we’ll already have had over a hundred (approx.) ‘stars of 2010’ foisted upon us; will have already heard the ‘album of the year’ with our naïve, virgin New Year ears; and will coin, on average, a new genre to describe the most brilliant Gamelan-bang-llanto-luk-grung upstarts, every five seconds.

But with the advent of another frenetic, year-long musical scavenger hunt already upon us, let us take a moment to reflect and remember that amidst the scrabble for the cover stars of tomorrow, there are still some of us who know how to take our time. “It’s weird,” a slightly bemused Simon Ward begins, “some people were starting to ask, ‘Are you not playing shows anymore?’ but it’s only been six months since we played and obviously we didn’t release a record last year but it’s funny how people assume the worst.”

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After the success of their brilliant debut ‘It’s Not Something But It Is Like Whatever’ way back in 2008, it wouldn’t have been churlish to expect the band to have been keener than most to capitalise on the good feeling, however pessimistically.

“I don’t think anyone’s ever written anything that bad about us,” says Ward. “It’s always been, ‘It’s okay’ or, ‘It’s good’, so I’m not sure how I’d react. I’m always expecting someone to write, ‘It’s shite’.”

It’s fair to say Errors have been on something of a hiatus and, it seems, in an industry where sophomore albums follow hot on the heels of the last press of their predecessors, the Glaswegian quartet have been away for a lifetime.

“The only reason it took so much time is because we were playing shows and just trying to get the album done. We’ve not really had a break; we were playing gigs and festivals from January to March and we’ve always said the album would be finished when it was finished. Rock Action [the band’s label] don’t pressure you… well, maybe they do in a wise-ass way like, ‘Take as long as you want but if you don’t get it ready for now then there’s going to be things you’re not able to do.’”

Simon also exudes the modest optimism and excitement any artist would surrounding the release of their band’s work, but there is the sense that second time round, he’s considerably more content with the machinations surrounding the album.

“I’d like To. Sell. Slightly. More. Than. The. Last. One. Ha! I’m actually quite excited everything’s a bit more synchronised this time and we’re actually going on tour as the album comes out. The last time we didn’t have the opportunity to do that because it was around summer and the festivals and it was a bit frustrating, so I’m looking forward to that side of things.”

With a large scale UK tour representing a step up in venues and a European tour penned for the coming months, and the premise of an Errors Remixed offering (“We’ve got a remix record coming out – people remixing our songs – which I’m quite excited about, so that’ll be on a 12” in or something”) following the album, the coming year looks set to be a bright one. They might not be in the running for the 2010 indie hopeful status, and while it’s hardly a resurrection, it feels more than just a welcome return. However way you see it, let’s just lay off the obituaries for now, eh?

Words by Reef Younis

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