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Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien is closely tied to Berlin.

As a clubber, DJ, producer and label owner, Ellen knows the city inside out. Making her name via marathon sets in after hours clubs, she has risen to become one of German's most distinctive electronic voices.

With a new remix package out now (purchase LINK) courtesy of Bpitch, Clash invited Ellen Allien to describe her Berlin sound track.

- - -

Nina Hagen - 'TV-Glotzer (White Punks On Dope)'

My mother and my sister used to listen to Nina Hagen when I was a little child... I always loved the music so much, even if I didn't really understood the meaning of her lyrics when I was small. Then later I realized what her songs were about and started to understand her character and became a big fan of hers.

This album this track is taken from is one of the best albums about the society of East and West Berlin, their feelings and about the political movement. Also, the live band was amazing!

- - -

Vein Melter - 'When You Feel It'

This is a true E-Werk dance hymn from the 90s. We all danced on it and we all felt home in this club. The original Berlin sound, here produced by Jonzon and Cosmic Baby. Unfortunately, Space Teddy has only put out a few releases - I love the artwork, this Space Teddy character fits perfectly to the feeling we had back in the day.

I have listened to this track many times, it always brings me back. It was a journey to grow from a teenage rave girl to a DJ lady with all these memories.

- - -

Aphex Twin - 'Polynomial C'

After hour hymn that we used to listen to in our houses after the club nights here. The track is 100% uplifting and also works on the dancefloor from time to time. The way he is using breakbeats and that beautiful, massive meldody - only Aphex can do that. No one could copy Apex Twin, even if many have tried...

I remember hearing his track 'Analoge Bubblebath' on my first ecstasy. It felt like flying or walking on clouds! DJ Tanith played it, a moment like that never happend to me again in my life. Aphex is able to create a very special, romantic atmosphere with his synths. Actually, he is my only drug!

- - -

Ellen Allien - 'Stadtkind'

The lyrics of 'Stadtkind' are about my story with the city and my process from Berlin child to an adult artist. It's one of the most important tracks I've ever made. When I made the track I was searching for a way to explain my work and lifestyle to the rest of the world.

I played the after hours parties on Sundays at Globus and Tresor until Monday morning every weekend. When I was on my way home, everyone else seemed to be on their way to work. Strange feeling.

After I did this track I felt much better! I started to respect my work more... and now I am still doing what I do and I will go on with it as long as people wanna hear me - my passion is still huge!

- - -

Ellen Allien - 'Get The Groove Goin''

This is the first record I did on a Berliner label. My interpretation from the sound of the 90s. Just let the groove go is such a simple but effective sentence! A friend recited it and I recorded it from the phone... Marcel Dettmann and I did new remixes some years ago to remember the record.

- - -

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