London's ready for psych-wonk

Hype is a fascinating commodity. Where some quickly melt down the attention for liquid purpose, promising talent Jai Paul removed all his music from MySpace and went to get his shit together.

So what’s the chat? One epic slice of wobbly soul in ‘BTSTU’, one photo graphic pledging love to Adidas, one remix of Emiliana Torrini and one intriguing trend of people posting next level street dances routines to said ‘BTSTU’ anthem. So what’s the heat? Well his tracks are a lurid dream of Madlib reworking Hot Chip’s falsetto swoon, the psychedelic lurch of HEALTH and the wonk of Dabrye. And he’s signed to XL: a promising sign for this brewing year.

Essential 3: ‘BTSTU’, ‘100,000’, ‘Jungle Drum’ (Jai Paul remix)


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