Electric Selection – Minimal Wave Records

A profile of the Brooklyn label

Veronica Vasicka – label owner, coiner of the term ‘minimal wave’, and music detective. A teenager who religiously taped tracks off the radio, this obsession translated into a career wearing a trench coat and using an over-sized magnifying glass to locate late-’70s to mid-’80s obscure synthesiser tracks. The Brooklyn-based label is her lifeblood – an outlet for her to educate people on the overlooked genre of early synth-pop music, as well as connect to fans of Roland, Korg, ARP and Moog worldwide.

The sought-after sound is minimal, cold wave electronica and Italo disco. Specialising in high-quality vinyl pressings, the label pioneers a DIY aesthetic, driven by the fact that most minimal wave bands recorded in their own homes and lovingly crafted their own artwork. Last January, Veronica opened up a storefront in Greenpoint to serve as the retail arm and HQ of Minimal Wave.

The analogue buff has been credited with unearthing an entire subgenre of music for a new generation. Born out of pop’s newfound respectability of using synthesisers – what she refers to as the “synth-pop renaissance” – spearheaded by artists like Neon Indian and Ariel Pink, she recently curated two volumes of Stone’s Throw ‘Minimal Wave Tapes’ compilation. With input from hip-hop producer Peanut Butter Wolf, it was a release that ushered her findings into a more mainstream spotlight. This treasure hunter’s struck gold.


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